Dodd has Dough

Well, duh:

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., had more than $4.9 million in his Senate campaign account at the close of 2006, he reported this week.
“Having $4.9 million in my Senate account, I’m confident that the presidential campaign will have the resources to start this campaign well,” Dodd said in a statement released by his campaign Wednesday night. “We will be competitive financially.” (AP)

He’s nowhere near Hillary territory, of course, but it’s a decent amount of money. It’ll pay for lots of trips to Iowa and “Dodd Sqadd” caps and t-shirts. Plus a few dozen of these:

Dodd reports $4.9 million in campaign funds.” Associated Press 1 February, 2007.


8 responses to “Dodd has Dough

  1. The slogan should say, “Better than the Rest!”

    Of course Dodd doesn’t have the national name recognition at this point in the game, but the three leading contenders all have their flaws.

    The one thing I know is that Senator Dodd would make a much better President than Hillary, Obama, or Edwards. Anyone who wants to write Chris off at this point is making a mistake. All he has to do is win New Hampshire, and he’ll be very much in the running.

    $10 million dollars will buy a lot of voter contact. Plus the media will get bored with the Big Three at some point, and will explore alternatives like Dodd and Vilsack.

  2. I’m already planning to support Dodd throughout the primary campaign, but I was thinking about the field recently when something occured to me. Are Dodd, Biden, and Vilsack the only candidates who have any real accomplishments to be proud of? Edwards and Obama are selling their personalities, but I’m really not sure either of them have done anything.

    Somebody… Am I out of my mind, or is Dodd possibly the most accomplished in this huge field? I’m even more proud to have him as my Senator.

  3. You could make a case that Richardson has done more (or possibly that Vilsack’s gubernatorial exp. or Clinton with healthcare exp. are more significant,) but Dodd has a good claim to being the most accomplished.

  4. Richardson is actually losing weight and pulling himself together. He must be serious about a run… Let’s hope that Al Gore follows suit, and throws his hat into the ring. It would save us a lot of time, money and effort. The media circus around the Dem candidates is going to become quickly unbearable.

    Let’s see who we have as candidates:

    The Big Three:

    (and of course Hill and Barack)




    Unheard Of

    Am I forgetting anyone?

  5. nutmeg_constitution

    You may as well remove Biden from that list.

    Imagine if a Republican candidate were to say what Biden said …

    I guess plagiarism isn’t Biden at his worst.

    As long as other candidates blow up the way Biden did, Dodd might have a shot! As some famous person liked to say, 90% of life is just showing up … Dodd might get lucky just by being willing to jump into the mix.

  6. Biden is a walking, talking liability… the sooner he gets out, the better.

  7. “Having $4.9 million in my Senate account, I’m confident that the presidential campaign will have the resources to start this campaign well,” Dodd said in a statement released by his campaign Wednesday night.

    A fool and his money…

    Man, if this is what this guy does with his own money, it makes me shudder what he’s doing with our tax dollars.

  8. Mike Gravel once was famous, when he was a senator from Alaska in the early 1970s. He was a vocal opponent of the Vietnam War and was involved with the Pentagon Papers’ release. He appears to be running largely as an antiwar candidate going after the type of constituency Dennis Kucinich has attracted.

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