Courtney Interview Preview

On Tuesday I spoke with Rep. Joe Courtney, who represents the 2nd district, in his new Enfield office on Hazard Ave. Interestingly, the office was previously used during the 2006 campaign as Republican HQ! Here’s a picture of how it looked back then:

What is now Courtney’s Enfield office, as it looked in November, 2006
I will have the full interview up (complete with audio) on Monday, but I wanted to post a few segments now as a preview.

The first section is about whether there have been discussions about increasing the size of the armed forces. Rep. Courtney replied that such discussions were indeed going on, and that one of the benefits of having Rumsfeld, who wanted to keep the armed forces small, out of office was that the Secretary of Defense was now open to those ideas. (0:55)
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The second segment is Rep. Courtney’s reaction to the presumed departure of Rob Simmons from the 2008 race. (1:24)
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More to come on Monday!


5 responses to “Courtney Interview Preview

  1. Weicker Liker


    I am looking forward to listening to the full interview.

    On Monday, Congressman Courtney will host a visit by fellow Congressman Jack Murtha of Pennsylvania to Electric Boat in the ongoing battle to win congressional funding to increase submarine construction.

    Murtha is “wheeler-deeler” Chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense.

    Courtney confirms there have been discussions to increase the size of our military given Secretary Robert Gates replacing Donald Rumsfeld.

    What action does the House Armed Services Committee propose to take to accomplishing that goal?

    Does Courtney agree with Murtha’s position on the Draft, as stated in the television interview below ?

    And, why is Courtney silently standing by while his committee removes the phrase the “global war on terror” as well as the military’s own phrases “the long war” from the defense budget?

  2. WL,

    Maybe the Pentagon couldn’t find “TERRORs” embassy in their quest to sue for peace?


    Second Place honors go to


    Both have had about the same amount of success.

  3. Geez, Weicker Licker, can’t you imagine a world without war? Do you really believe in hyping threats and selling fear just to increase military budgets?

    Frankly I’m more fearful of our home-grown crazies than I am of ishlamofascists.

  4. GC, can you take a picture of the office now and post it?

  5. Genghis Conn


    The office actually has no distinguishing characteristics or even signage indicating that it’s Courtney’s office at the moment. I had to peer inside to make sure that it actually was the office–Joe Courtney was sitting there, so I figured I was in the right place. The sign on the building still says Kelly Services (where, a long time ago, I once took a typing test and got a bunch of temp jobs).

    But yeah, I’ll see about a picture when it looks more like a congressional office.

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