Just when I think my bad mood is going to stick around all day, I find this growing wild in my backyard:flower-005smaller.png
And suddenly, I feel a lot better.

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38 responses to “Spring

  1. A fox was eating a squirrel on my front lawn this morning. Very entertaining.

  2. In the heart of the nor’easter, on Sunday afternoon, I took a hike in a local state forest. I was the only one there. I slowly walked the trails, took in the views and listened to the power of the wind… Awesome.

  3. The fox must have been bullied as cub and is acting out. Too bad the state didn’t invest more in fox mental rehab programs.

  4. Interestingly the DEP has a pretty good webpage on foxes, and well–we should just let foxes be foxes.

  5. I need a fox. I had a chipmunk in ny basement this morning!

  6. In New Haven the crocuses were out a full week ago. Now the daffodils are blooming!

  7. We had crocuses a month ago.

    Global warming. Enjoy it while you can.

  8. G-Bury,

    You really should stop listening and then parroting Rush.Hilbilly heroin addicts who abused so bad they’ve destroyed their hearing are not the ones you want to emulate

  9. PrahaPartizan

    Sunday evening I had to drive down the Merritt Parkway toward NYC. We stopped at the New Canaan rest plaza and were greeted with the sound of frogs in the distance. It was the first frog croaking we had heard this spring. So, even someone found some good from all of the rain that had fallen that Sunday.

    Thanks for the crocus.

  10. Harry Reid broke the news to George W Bush today that He Lost the war in Iraq


    It’s a shame there wasn’t one brave Republican who dod this first.

    The Word is W is crushed but Laura new about it for a while.

  11. Somewhere there’s a bridge missing its jug-eared troll …

  12. Redfive,

    Would that be the infamous “bridge to nowhere?

    That troll would have to be a Republican,Wouldn’t it?

    Hey, I guess I should be happy that at least the Republicans
    here are not wacky enough to argue
    with reality anymore.

  13. Definitely Chris Mc.

  14. No, and the funny thing is how desperately wrong you really are.

  15. GC: I doth protest.

  16. Let me rephrase that: GC, I doth protest. I was provoked!

  17. interestingly enough ctkeith.
    I don’t listen to Rush, I don’t even like him. I listen to Sports Tallk WEEI Boston.
    I have noticed your creative way of trolling, especially this week.
    One can think for one’s self. You do seem to know everyone in CT’s innermost thoughts.
    It’s nice to know Rush isn’t the only person who stereotypes.

  18. G-bury,

    You guys do carry on like a bunch of ditto-heads, now don’t you?

    On our side we went after a war-mongering Dem US Senator, on principle alone. And will be damned before we fall in line behind the Clinton gang.

    Your side still blindly supporters the worst President in modern history.

    Why shouldn’t CTKeith throw it in your faces?

    Anyway, talking points away. Repeat after me, “Clinton did it too…”

  19. The Architect

    Is TrueBlue ctkeith’s alter-ego?

  20. I listen to Rush every chance I get. The problem with the Rush’s of the airwaves is that intelligent people on both sides of the ideological fence tune him out. You can’t fix a problem by ignoring it.

    Listen to Rush.

    If you’re a liberal, it’s a great way to get to know your enemy.

    If you’re a conservative, it’s a great way to learn what is undermining the conservative movement.

    (For both, it’s a good way to learn that the enemy is extremism, not liberalism or conservatism.)

    If you’re Jim Vicevich, it’s a great way to find material you can steal.

  21. “Is TrueBlue ctkeith’s alter-ego?”

    In a sense, yes. 🙂

  22. The worst president in modern history.

    That’s an interesting paradigm.

    Who put us in Somalia without a clear mission?

  23. Genghis Conn

    So much for pretty pictures of flowers causing peace and tranquility. 🙂

  24. It made me feel peaceful.

  25. Who put us in Bosnia without a clear mission?

    Who snuggled with Castro, Hugo and Danny despite their atrocious records on human rights, economics, democracy and freedom?

    Who licked Kofi Annan’s hinder despite clear evidence of hypocrisy, kleptocracy and oil-for-food smuggling?

    Who played footsie with Tony Blair even though he got double-dealed, sold out and double-crossed?

    Who was so busy sticking cheap cigars up the whoopsies of chubby interns that he couldn’t grok the international implications of Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan?

    Worst President Ever?

    Hardley a contest.

  26. Genghis Conn


    We’re too close to either, and there’s a lot more wrapped up in our judgement of both men than dry historical fact, to really make a substantive call either way.

    In twenty years, we’ll know for sure.

  27. BTW, I liked the flower. What kind of flower is it?


  28. Genghis Conn

    A crocus, I think. That seems to be the general consensus. I have never planted any crocuses back there, so it’s wild. Which I think is great.

  29. >>The worst president in modern history…. remains Jimmy Carter.

  30. G-bury,

    You guys do carry on like a bunch of ditto-heads, now don’t you?

    On our side we went after a war-mongering Dem US Senator, on principle alone. And will be damned before we fall in line behind the Clinton gang.

    Your side still blindly supporters the worst President in modern history.

    Why shouldn’t CTKeith throw it in your faces?

    Anyway, talking points away. Repeat after me, “Clinton did it too…”

    18 | TrueBlueCT April 19th, 2007 at 7:14 pm

    That’s funny! Again with the generalizations, I didn’t vote for GWBush either time. I voted 3rd party why do you and ctkeith continue this line of attack. Yes, i’m conservative but i have mind of my own.

    You two sound intolerant of anyone who has a different point of view.

    If you only want point of view stick w/MLN. I thought this site was for a variety of thoughts.

  31. Me too, GC. Me too.

  32. Of the five most recent presidents:

    Best = Ronald Reagan
    Second Best = George W. Bush
    Middle = George H.W. Bush
    Second Worst = Bill Clinton
    Worst = Jimmy Carter

    GWB is awesome but I have to put Reagan as #1. Jimmy Carter was possibly the worst president in U.S. history.

  33. Had Dubya not come on the scene I’d agree with ACR that The worst president in modern history…. remains Jimmy Carter.

  34. I have to give Bush credit… at least he got everyone to acknowledge that Social Security has a solvency issue.

    Whether your way to fix SS is thru raising taxes and/or cutting spending… you need to first acknowledge there’s a problem before it can be fixed.

    I have differences with Bush on the war, but our underfunded long-term liabilities are also a HUGE problem… a problem which most elected officials seem willing to ignore. And shame on all politicians (Rs or Ds) who willingly ignore this problem.

  35. Off topic — Jimmy Carter is a role model for what ex-presidents should be. Ronald Regan was and remains a cancer on American society. An absolute phony and an intellectual midget from start to finish.

    Genghis, I liked your crocus photo. It really captured a moment and offered us a chance to reflect (Virginia Tech, anyone?). Too bad some people had to ruin it with their inane fox and squirrel and ‘bullied’ comments. Some people just cannot leave well enough alone.

  36. A special post for RedFive — George H.W. Bush is the worst president in the history of this country, bar none. His very own attorney general’s testimony yesterday is just a small sliver of that evidence. Lying us into war to enrich his corporate friends will be Bush’s legacy. If there is a Hell, GWB is, without a doubt, headed there.

  37. thesea: Bush didn’t lie to enrich his corporate friends; he didn’t lie period; and that’s coming from someone who believes the 2003 invasion of Iraq was the wrong war at the wrong time.

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