Sort of Live at the JJB

Apparently, there is no usable wireless in any part of the Connecticut Convention Center except for Starbucks. Which is where I am, while CGG and Gabe are upstairs in the ballroom.

Not too much to report so far. Speaker Pelosi should be here eventually, but her plane was delayed and she is not here now.

Christine Stuart, picture
There was just a press availability with Sen. Dodd, in which he reiterated that he was not dropping out, and that he thought we should “move on” from the Imus controversy. “Let’s not make this an Anna Nicole Smith moment,” he said. “There are problems with race that we need to heal in this country.” He also thought that stronger gun control laws were not necessarily needed, but stricter enforcement of existing laws.

Here are some pictures CGG took.


We’ll have more about the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey Dinner tomorrow night.


2 responses to “Sort of Live at the JJB

  1. No usable WiFi, or wireless? Cingular has coverage inside there….

  2. Hey, thanks for shutting down the Star Shuttle tonight, you clowns.

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