DeStefano's Mayoral Campaign Getting Underway

destefano.JPGLeft: DeStefano at 2006 Dem Convention

Paul Bass at the New Haven Independent reports on John DeStefano’s nascent campaign for an eighth term as mayor of New Haven.

As his reelection campaign prepares to kick into gear, Mayor John DeStefano told a sympathetic audience at a reception for three of his key supporters […] that New Haven needs “good politics.” His definition? Being “open” to other points of view.
He faces pockets of dissatisfaction in town over issues ranging from a pending tax hike to the recent FBI sting of allegedly crooked narcotics cops, as well as a lingering sense that the mayor and his allies subordinated the needs of the city for two years while he ran for governor. (Bass)

DeStefano has been mayor of New Haven for a long, long time. The closest he came to losing his job, however, was in 2001 when he defeated State Sen. Martin Looney in a hard-fought primary held just three days after 9/11. New Haven has no opposition party to speak of, meaning that political battles are almost always internal Democratic affairs. DeStefano faces a few challengers on that front this year, as well. Democrats Jim Newton and Willie Greene are running against him, as is Green Party candidate Ralph Ferucci. However, none of the candidates are expected to really make a dent against DeStefano’s still-powerful machine.

One interesting thing about New Haven’s elections this year is that they will be publicly financed. Very, very few municipalities have a public financing system–New Haven is the only town or city in Connecticut to implement one.

Bass, Paul. “DeStefano Calls For ‘Good Politics’.” New Haven Independent 7 May, 2007.

13 responses to “DeStefano's Mayoral Campaign Getting Underway

  1. Actually, the 2001 primary against Looney was ON September 11.

  2. Genghis Conn

    Oh yeah… I guess it was a Tuesday, now that I think of it.

  3. TrueBlueCT

    New Haven’s Public Financing System.

    It will be interesting to see if Ralph Ferrucci can find 200 New Haven residents crazy enough to give him $25 each. But if he does, he’ll have $30,000 of money, –$25,000 of it coming from the city, –to play around with.

  4. TrueBlueCT

    My worry is that some prankster games the system and then does something outlandish with the public funds thereafter. (like buy a new car for campaigning, –put up a scandalous billboard, –or use it strictly for negative messaging against the mayor.)

    I guess time will tell.

  5. Genghis Conn


    We can view New Haven’s election as sort of a dry run for next year–I imagine that at least some of the problems that crop up will also occur when public financing is statewide.

    It’s going to be fascinating.

  6. I’m taking it your last sentence is snark GC.

    Fasinating and New Haven elections don’t belong on the same page nevermind the same comment.


    I think 25 Grand is just about what Ralph needs to cover the bar tab (with Tip) at Rudy’s for the entire campaign season.

  7. TrueBlueCT

    keith, let’s hope so. Let me see. I give Ralph $25. Then the campaign buys me $50 worth of beer? Hmmm, I’m probably down with that.

  8. Well,

    Theres at least half of the 200 twenty five dollar contributions Ralph needs in Rudy’s patrons alone.

    We may have found Ralph something to run on.D

    DONATE 25 bucks to me and I’ll buy you 50 bucks worth of Booze !!


  9. Oh Sorry,

    That is the way politics in America works.

    back to the drawing board.n

  10. TrueBlueCT

    Keith, please. Don’t give the ditto-heads any ammunition. They still believe inner city people only vote b/c of the standard “$20 and a vial of crack” they are given by the Party vote-hustlers.

  11. Wow! Its up to $20.

  12. RealityBites

    In Stamford it’s turkeys.

  13. TrueBlueCT

    btw, the outlandish “$20 and a vial of crack” comment was originally made by one of CLP’s own ‘wingers during a Election-Day-Registration debate.

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