Guest Post: Senator and Presidential Candidate Chris Dodd


First, I would like to thank the people of Connecticut Local Politics for giving me the opportunity to write to you today.

The war in Iraq has made us less secure, more vulnerable and even more isolated. It is time for a new course in Iraq, and we have to be honest and acknowledge that there is only one responsible way to end the war.

That is why Tuesday I stood up on the Senate floor to speak for the Feingold-Reid-Dodd amendment. Using the Congressional power of the purse, the amendment forces the President to safely redeploy U.S. combat troops from Iraq, sets a hard deadline for withdrawal in by March 31, 2008 and would bring the war to and end.

Nearly a third of the Senate voted for the measure. But it wasn’t enough; so we’re going to keep fighting to make the President listen to the congress and the American people, and do what is necessary to secure America again.

Trust me—this fight will go on… because it has to.

Despite the reports we hear every day, President Bush tells us he wants more of the same.

Patriotic Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike know that we cannot afford more of the same.

As my colleague Senator Hagel from Nebraska recently argued, “The President’s strategy is taking America deeper and deeper into quagmire with no exit strategy.”

And so Congress must do what it knows it has to do.

It must use its power of the purse to force the hand of a President wedded to a failed policy.

But responsible withdrawal means that we cannot permit Iraq to become a terrorist haven. So, even after redeployment is completed, we must continue to target terrorists in Iraq, to train and equip reliable Iraqi security forces, and to root out al-Qaeda’s stronghold. And we can do this without permanent military bases in Iraq.

In America and Iraq, the public backs responsible withdrawal by sizeable margins.

Yesterday was the beginning of the end of this failed policy.

So please, continue pressing our nation’s leaders to do the right thing. I promise I will do the same.

Thanks for your time and I encourage you to send me your thoughts and to stay involved.


37 responses to “Guest Post: Senator and Presidential Candidate Chris Dodd

  1. Senator Dodd,

    Knowing that Ned Lamont would have supported the Reid-Feingold amendment — and that Joe Lieberman does not — are you disappointed that Lieberman won re-election? What are you doing to “press” Joe Lieberman to support troop withdrawal?

    Also, Lamont endorses you now. Do you regret not more strongly endorsing Lamont’s candidacy after the primary? The first ad that you appeared in with him didn’t run until two months after the primary.

  2. Senator Dodd,

    Thank you very much for making this post. How can people in CT who want to help with your campaign get involved in helping you out?

  3. Seantor Dodd;

    Don’t you think it’s time that your junior colleague, Senator Leiberman, fix the dooor to his office suite and put “D” after his name instead of the “ID” he had painted on after the last election. The state’s voter records show he’s a D and there is no ID Party in CT. I mean really, if he can’t tell the truth about his party registration why should we beleive he’s telling the truth about the situation in Iraq?


  4. TrueBlueCT

    Dear Senator–

    Will Connecticut be passing a new Senate vacancy law? My understanding is that there is a bill in committee that would provide for a special election in the case of a vacancy. (right now Governor Rell has the power to appointment a replacement until the next Fed’l election.)

    I guess what I’m suggesting is that I’d be glad to vote for you next year, but I am worried about the possibility of losing your Senate seat to the Republicans!

  5. Nice rhetoric Senator.

    Next time, how about a little more substance and a little less reliance on the talking points? (They are good talking points though.)

    After all, this is a blog, not Meet The Press.

  6. All –

    I let the Senator’s staff know that there are (and would be more) questions in the comments. Hopefully, after some accumulate, the Seantor and his staff will respond in some way.

    The Dude – Try this site to volunteer.

  7. GC-

    Do you think Dodd (or Fedele, for that matter) is directly involved with these postings?

    Not sure how your dialogue went with their offices…. just wondering.

  8. Genghis Conn

    Yes, I do know that LG Fedele is directly involved with the posts. Don’t know about Dodd–Gabe was working with them, and would know more.

  9. Yes, he is directly involved. I don’t actually work there, so I couldn’t say how involved, however.

  10. I remember that Chris Murphy wrote his own post, and was really excited to do it!

  11. OK, that’s cool if they do.


  12. Sen. Dodd: Are you bothered by the fact that you are polling no better than fourth among Connecticut Democrats, whom you have served as senator for over 25 years? If you can’t convince your own party in your own state that you should be your party’s nominee what makes you think you can convince voters in Iowa or New Hampshire? Finally, given your underdog status, what is your view on the newly front-loaded primary process?

  13. Mr. Reality

    Word has it that the Dems are going to introduce a millionaires tax on people making $250,000 and above. Even with the windfall of new revenue, the Dems are still going to sock to the millionaires…I mean the 1/4 millionaires. I don’t know how those making $250,000 are millionaires, BUT I believe them. They are also going to announce that under their new package approximately 107% of state residents will receive a tax cut, up from 90% just a couple weeks ago!!! These guys are great!!!

  14. Mr. Reality

    And thank you Sen. Dodd for your comments!

  15. Dear Senator Dodd,

    Please restore some semblance of honor to the United States by suspending the Military Commissions Act. Thank you.

  16. Adam Wells

    Hi everyone, I’m the Senator’s Media Technology Director. Unfortunately, due to Senate ethics laws, I cannot answer any campaign related questions. If you have any policy related questions, I will try to get answers from the senator. Thanks for all of your questions and insight!

  17. Senator Dodd,

    Could you please elaborate on how you propose to do this:

    “We cannot permit Iraq to become a terrorist haven. So, even after redeployment is completed, we must continue to target terrorists in Iraq, to train and equip reliable Iraqi security forces, and to root out al-Qaeda’s stronghold.”

    Thank you.

  18. Adam,

    Has the Senator already agreed to vote for the compromise bill that really says nothing but will be used as a vehicle to get the supplemental to a conference?

  19. Mr. Reality

    Great question Len, he probably won’t be able to answer but I’ll give it a try. “Whatever George Bush says is wrong.”

  20. Adam Wells

    ctkeith – yes, Senator Dodd agreed to the compromise bill this morning by voice vote.

  21. The Architect

    If Fedele sent one of his lackeys over here to answer questions for him, keith would skewer him and eat him for lunch.

  22. Are you serious? You don’t think there might be a difference in the level of busy between CT’s Lt. Governor and a US Senator running for President?

    And please don’t call the guests “lackeys,” thanks.

  23. Senator Dodd, (or Adam)

    One of the campaign adds you ran here in CT during your last reelection bid showed you very forcefully commenting that “Connecticut should stop exporting our jobs, and technology, and instead be exporting our products”.

    Sir, you have been our senator now for 3 decades and exactly what you say we should not be doing, we have been doing all that time. Sadly we continue to do exactly the same since your reelection to the senate. Obviously while you clearly recognize the very damaging strategic importance in this trend to both our state, and our country, you have not been able to get meaningful results in your own state, to your own words.

    That being the case I ask, what steps, or policy changes, would you make as president, that would stop the non stop wholesale exportation of our manufacturing jobs and improve the exportation of the remaining products this country still has the ability to manufacture here, before we lose the few of us remaining with the skill, knowledge, and ability to make them?

  24. Archie,

    Chris Dodd is a US Senator.

    You know,

    I had plenty of face to face time with a US Senator I have no respect for as the owner of but if you ask any of his staff I always treated the Senator and anyone on his staff with respect.The Office itself demands that.

    PS- a staffer from any pol is better than being ignored.Hopefully Fedele and every other pol learns as we go forward.

  25. Welcome Chris Dodd to the Hall of Shame occupied by you and the 28 other senators who let their hatred of George W. Bush cloud their minds. You have signaled surrender to the enemy and undercut our fighting men and women. I can’t imagine a more absurd statement than “after redeployment is completed, we must continue to target terrorists in Iraq” . And how do you propose to “root out al-Qaeda’s stronghold” without our military presence in the region?

  26. TrueBlueCT

    Geez John, you can’t imagine a middle ground between an occupying force of 150,000, and complete abandonment?

    And to accuse Senator Dodd of being motivated by hatred of our President is sheer ridiculousness.

    Does it occur to you that Senator Dodd is representing the majority of CT when he calls for a phased deployment?

    Finally it is common courtesy to use someone’s title when referring to them directly. Senator Dodd, whether you agree or disagree with him, deserves a modicum of respect.

  27. Steady,

    Al-Qaeda wasn’t welcome in Iraq until we invaded and occupied their country and set up the puppet Government that today won’t even allow their own elected Parliment to meet for fear they would vote to throw the US presence out of their country and Al-quada won’t be welome when our occupation ends.

    The Dominoe Theory was proven a total falsehood when we left Vietnam and your trying to use it to justify the continued occupation of Iraq is really kind of Pathetic. Wouldn’t you agree?

    By the Way,

    If you believe any of this tripe please name who we will be surrendering to so we’ll know exactly who will be in control of Iraq when we leave.

  28. TrueBlue: I think is up to those who claim there is a “middle ground” to describe it and explain how it can offer a way to “continue to target terrorists in Iraq”. Of course, if I were speaking directly to Senator Dodd I would I would do so respectfully. Here we seem to be dealing with a surrogate, not the gentleman directly. Anyway, I offer my apologies for any perceived or actual discourtesy.

    ctkeith: I don’t recall mentioning any “Dominoe (sic) Theory” . We would be surrendering to the IslamoNazis who would happily slaughter your or me. The Iranians, if they are allowed to obtain nukes, will be in control of more than just Iraq.


    The IslamoNazis,Now i’m terrified!!

    Are they the cousins of those wicked Islamofascists?

    I hate to disappoint you but as soon as the Occupation by the Christofascists ends the Islamofascists will be driven from Iraq by the same people who are killing our kids today.

    Right now the they’re the enemy of my enemy if you get what I mean.

    Since my sides been right and yours has been wrong on everything from “WMD” to “we’ll only need 150,000 troops to secure Iraq’ to “mission accomplished” to “we’ve turned a corner in Iraq” at least a dozen times to every other thing concerning this fiasco how about we try it our way and redeploy our troops to the periphery and see how thay works out?

  30. The Architect

    Please, spare me the crap. You know what I was true in your heart.

  31. No Archie I don’t but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE explain to us what was true?

    I can hardly wait (this should be good)!!

  32. One if by land


    Tone down the attitude, man.


  33. One,

    Maybe you can point out which of the things I listed in my comment #29 you would like to contest or tell me what I know in my heart was True?

    I’ll be waiting for your reply with bated breath!

  34. steadyjohn: I blame you for our defeat in Iraq. I blame you because you and people like you are so gullible, delusional, and Republican-whipped, that you support the worst Commander-in-Chief in our nation’s history. As a result, American soldiers are dying at a rate of 3-per-day and the situation in Iraq is getting worse.

    You say: “Welcome Chris Dodd to the Hall of Shame occupied by you and the 28 other senators who let their hatred of George W. Bush cloud their minds. You have signaled surrender to the enemy and undercut our fighting men and women.”

    We are losing in Iraq because George Bush did not send the 350,000 troops that Gen. Shinsecki requested. Bush is losing in Iraq because he threw thousands of Americans into a shooting gallery — and said “kill the terrorists” — never revealing that the terrorists were actually in Afghanistan. We are losing this war because George Bush said “waterboard the insurgents” — creating 10 enemies for every one enemy we had. George Bush is losing this war because he did not have a plan to win the peace — provide electricity, rebuild the infrastructure, provide security — and instead gave away billions to incompetent cronies and corrupt businesses.

    Today, we don’t have the adequate number of troops to stabilize the country. And our soldiers are dying 3-a-day to appease people like you — the Republican base. You are the reason we’re losing this war. Wake up.

  35. ctkeith: I think some of the comments here from the right may be sincere in that – from my perspective anyway – they don’t seem to understand how we can redeploy and fight al Qaeda at the same time. That question has been answered quite satisfactorily for me in other venues and I will look forward to see how Senator Dodd fleshes it out for the CLP community. I hope they take time to listen and understand how it can be done.

  36. and it’s more than 28 Senators that are with Chris Dodd; its more like 75. Nobody should boil this issue down to a singel vote that was procedural in the “saucer” of the US Senate that catches the overflow from the “tea cup” of the House.

  37. Well, hey….the Democrats promised us they’d end the war if we gave them congress. At least we didn’t elect Lamont….

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