Online Megan's Law Proposed

Proposal Would Replace Age-Verification Legislation

Speaker Amann, Rep. Lawlor and Rep. Dargan (pictured) are proposing a sort of online Megan’s Law, which will require sex offenders to register email addresses and other forms of online identification. This proposal is supported by social networking sites like MySpace, and replaces an earlier bill which proposed that sites like MySpace and possibly even blogs like this one and My Left Nutmeg verify users’ ages.

From a press release issued by House Democrats:

Legislation proposed by Amann and Rep. Michael Lawlor (D-East Haven), and supported by Connecticut’s Chief State’s Attorney Kevin Kane , requires a convicted sex offender to register any email address, instant message address, and any other Internet identifiers with the Department of Public Safety. Failure to comply will carry the same penalties for not reporting an offender’s physical addresses, which carries a jail term of up to 5 years (class D felony)..

“Connecticut was one of the first states to enact Megan’s Law, and now in the information age we must update those statutes so that law enforcement will have the proper tools to stay one step ahead of sex predators online,” said Lawlor, who serves as House Chair of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee.

I imagine that enforcement will still be very difficult, but this makes an awful lot more sense that the proposal to require social networking sites to verify ages. This is a step in the right direction, certainly.

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2 responses to “Online Megan's Law Proposed

  1. Joe Sixpack

    It’s a definite step in the right direction. They should also get in gear and pass the Jessica’s Law bill that they killed last year. But at least Speaker Amann had an “open” press conference. At the same time, in the same building, Sen. Williams, through his gnomish press secretary, kicked out all legislators and staff who were trying to attend Williams’ press conference on his energy bill. Apparently, people are saying mean, nasty things about Donny and his lack of action on the energy front. Also, the Appropriations Committee aparently, in complete violation of their rules, cut off debate on Sen. Williams’ billion dollar universal healthcare initiative. Senator McKinney brought out both points in the Senate, much to the chagrin of thin-skinned Donny. I guess free speech and open government are only noble goals when you agree with the President Pro Tem.

  2. Connecticut Attorney General’s Office

    Press Release

    Attorney General Appaluds Proposal To Require Registration Of Sex Offender Internet Information, Calls For Social Networking Age Verification

    May , 2007

    “I have strongly supported the proposal to require convicted sex offenders to register email addresses and other Internet information with the state.

    “This step would be historic – but this one step alone is insufficient. Many predators have never been convicted of any sexual offense, and many more use aliases and fake information. Against this threat, we need age verification, identity checks and other measures to protect children on social networking sites.”

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