Update from the Bush Dinner

Everyone has come into the hall, and a gospel group is entertaining the diners. We observed Fred Thompson leaving the private reception area with staff (several with Thompson stickers–red and white).

One difference between this and the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey dinner is that this event is a lot less overtly political. No one, for example, is wearing campaign buttons or stickers, and the tables have no campaign swag.

The Republicans did a great job of setting the event up. The JJB was a barely restrained chaos–this is more orderly.

More pictures:

Sen. John McKinney


McKinney with CGG (he insisted)


The inside of the hall. Nice!


One response to “Update from the Bush Dinner

  1. TrueBlueCT

    Darn. And I thought the JJB dinner was lacking in color…

    Genghis, outside of the waitstaff, can you let us know how many minorities are in attendance?

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