A Prescient Printing Error From 2003

I received this in the mail today from an anonymous lobbyist (click to enlarge):


The story behind it, according to this anonymous source, is that there was a printing error:

When the Legislative Guide for 2003 was first issued, some of us who spend too many days at the State Capitol noticed a glaring error.

Senator Lieberman’s name was followed by the designation “(R)”.

Perhaps a Freudian slip… perhaps a prescient prediction…

The error was soon noticed and the guides recalled, but our anonymous source decided to keep his/hers, and sent me a photocopied image from it, hoping I’d get a kick out of it. I did, and so I’m sharing it with the rest of you.

Thanks, anonymous lobbyist! Great stuff.


3 responses to “A Prescient Printing Error From 2003

  1. Lieberman is a freakin’ Democrat but he keeps spinning otherwise…no wonder people get confused…labor and the Republicans got him re-elected – strange bedfellows for sure….

  2. I don’t know…. four year old news….

    Am I missing something or just a slow day?

  3. Well… I’m not sure who prescient it is… unless he actually becomes a Republican. He still caucuses with the Dems…

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