The Governor's Race: Three Years Out

Speaking of primary day last year, there’s an interesting article in the Stamford Advocate this morning about what Dan Malloy is up to, and the possibility of another gubernatorial run by him.
Malloy victorious at last year’s convention

The upshot? He’s doing what everybody else is doing: waiting for Dick Blumenthal to make up his mind.

Democratic insiders say they expect Malloy to try again for governor in 2010 -as long as Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who is seen as the front-runner, doesn’t enter the race.

“If Dick Blumenthal enters the race, I think he pre-empts the field,” said George Jepsen, a former state Democratic Party chairman and former state senator from Stamford. “If Dick Blumenthal ends up not running, I think Dan Malloy would be the front-runner and an extremely fine candidate.”

The CW seems to be that Blumenthal would crush all comers, Malloy included. However, does anyone really know that? How would Blumenthal fare in a competitive statewide race? There’s no telling, since he hasn’t ever been in one. The CW also seems to be that no one would dare run against Blumenthal. That would be too bad, if it were the case. I suspect that support for a Blumenthal run isn’t nearly as strong as a lot of Democratic leaders like Jepsen seem to think.

One other interesting tidbit:

If a Democrat wins the White House, there’s a chance he might be tapped for a position in the administration, Malloy said.

He would have been in Washington had Al Gore won the 2000 election, Malloy said.

“We’re in the midst of a presidential election cycle,” he said. “I’ll make decisions about my future after the dust settles.” (Porstner)

That’s an interesting thing to say. I wonder what position Malloy would be tapped for? And, in that case, who would be left to challenge Blumenthal in 2010? Susan Bysiewicz? Or would she be vying with Jepsen for Blumenthal’s AG slot?

Quick Update 7:30pm: I have been told that at a recent event Blumenthal claimed that he and Malloy would be “working together” in 2010. If that’s true, the likelihood of a Malloy-Blumenthal primary is even slimmer.

Ready to be picked up again?

The piece does mention John DeStefano, but I have a hard time seeing him coming back to do anything statewide following his absolute and utter defeat at the hands of Jodi Rell. One intriguing rumor is that DeStefano might at some point run for Rosa DeLauro’s seat, although his office denies it. He certainly has kept himself in the news lately, although I’m not sure that that’s such a good thing for him.

On the Republican side, everything is quiet. No one seems to expect Jodi Rell to run again, but there is no obvious successor either. Michael Fedele and Rob Simmons are the two possibilities that spring to my mind, although neither has made any move in that direction yet. Another might be John McKinney, newly minted Minority Leader in the Senate, although his name seems to come up more often as a successor to Chris Shays.

There’s three years until the next gubernatorial race really starts to kick into high gear. We’ll keep an eye out for more deveopments, but I suspect that we won’t really know how this one is going to shape up until after 2008 is over.

Porstner, Donna. “Malloy eyes the future while paying his debts.” Stamford Advocate 8 August, 2007.

13 responses to “The Governor's Race: Three Years Out

  1. disgruntled_republican

    SIMMONS 2010

    The right choice for the future of Connecticut!

  2. Genghis Conn

    [quote comment=”17075″]SIMMONS 2010

    The right choice for the future of Connecticut![/quote]
    I suspect that that’s exactly where he’s heading. He certainly has been making the rounds, keeping visible. Four years as “business advocate” will be great for him.

    I think he may also be the only Republican out there who has a chance against Blumenthal.

  3. disgruntled_republican

    I agree. I do wonder how many Democrats will line up behind Dick if he finally decides to run for something where he will have to work to get it. I know many D’s have gotten so ticked over the years when he didn’t have the nut to step to the plate when they wanted him too…and wonder how much, if at all, that will hurt him if he finally cowboys up.

  4. Malloy is not afraid to take a chance…he wants to be Governor. You can’t say the same about Blumenthal. Very wishy-washy, tells you a lot about what type of leader he might be. Maybe they should start having debates!

  5. I would hope Blumenthal is challenged by somebody like Malloy. He needs to be vetted. I have no idea where Blumenthal is on any of the issues that he would have to deal with as Governor which requires a lot more than simply grandstanding at press conferences. The fact is that he has been held to very little accountability as AG, and it doesn’r say much for the Dems if they’re willing to simply hand him the nomination by default.
    Of course, Jepsen has been eyeing the AG spot for years so he’d probably say anything if it would help Dickie to move on.

  6. Jepson recently moved to Ridgefield.

    Seems like a move not in character with a future run for Governor.

  7. [quote post=”821″]And, in that case, who would be left to challenge Blumenthal in 2010? Susan Bysiewicz? Or would she be vying with Jepsen for Blumenthal’s AG slot?[/quote]

    And what about blogsphere fave Mike Lawlor?

  8. Genghis Conn

    [quote comment=”17090″][quote post=”821″]And, in that case, who would be left to challenge Blumenthal in 2010? Susan Bysiewicz? Or would she be vying with Jepsen for Blumenthal’s AG slot?[/quote]

    And what about blogsphere fave Mike Lawlor?[/quote]
    AG, I’m thinking, not governor.

  9. [quote comment=”17091″][quote comment=”17090″][quote post=”821″]And, in that case, who would be left to challenge Blumenthal in 2010? Susan Bysiewicz? Or would she be vying with Jepsen for Blumenthal’s AG slot?[/quote]

    And what about blogsphere fave Mike Lawlor?[/quote]
    AG, I’m thinking, not governor.[/quote]

    Oh, that’s what I meant, – vying with Jepsen and Bysiewicz for AG.

  10. wtfdnucsailor

    The best phrase I read in all this discussion was – “Wait until the 2008 dust settles.” It is hard enough to get anyones attention on local elections with the 2008 presidential race taking the headlines and attention. In politics, 2010 is a long distance off. My personal hope is that Blumenthal gets tapped for a DEM administration position or a Federal judgeship and Malloy takes up the gubernitorial baton again. There is no primary and Malloy just has to face whoever the Republicans nominate. But as I said, lets wait until after 2008 elections.

  11. cranemeister

    For the time-being, Malloy’s administration is giving major tax breaks to commercial property owners in Stamford while residential taxpayers are getting major tax increases, on average. This is being done while the Malloy administration knows fully well that the commercial properties were assigned criminally low “market values” for tax purposes. The guy has a whole lot of baggage.

    Here’s an interesting possible scenario: Blumenthal decides to run for governor finally in 2010. Malloy takes someone’s advice from the above comments, feeds his TREMENDOUS EGO, and decides that Blumenthal deserves to be vetted — he creates a primary. During the convention, Blumenthal appears to be the winner, leaves the room for a few minutes, Malloy twists a few arms, and suddenly Malloy is declared the winner of the endorsement from the Dems’ nominating convention. Millions of dollars are spent on the primary — Blumenthal decides to let Malloy’s dirt fly (remember that phone call by McDonald to get that letter distributed to say miraculously that Malloy is clean as can be?) … and Malloy decides to trash Blumenthal for not being a better advocate for gay marriage, among other things. It gets ugly and expensive — and Blumenthal wins.

    Meanwhile, Mike Fedele cruises through the election process on the Republican side. President Giuliani keeps visiting Connecticut to remind everyone what a great guy Fedele is … and Fedele beats the beaten-down Blumenthal (who spent most of his money on the primary). But y’all love those primaries, right?! It’s the Democratic way! And it’s a great way to feed Malloy’s TREMENDOUS EGO.

    Why again did Malloy nearly lose the mayoral election in 2005? Why would Malloy be a certain loser in a mayoral election in 2009? Why again, in Stamford, are residential taxes skyrocketing while commercial taxes are cut? Will Malloy ever admit the obvious incompetence in his current administration?

    Yeah, go ahead and keep talking about how wonderful Malloy is … I love this ridiculous inflation of his ego!

  12. alittlebitdramatic

    As a Democratic, this constant Bysiewicz/Jepsen/Blumenthal talk makes me sick. These are three people who have spent their entire “public service” careers running for the next theoretical office to become available. None of them have ever done a thing for the people of Connecticut, yet the Dems swoon over them. This I can’t understand.

  13. Let me float a name.

    Former Mayor Susan Kniep

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