DCCC Chair Campaigns with Jim Himes

The Democratic Congressional Committee is excited about Jim Himes, no one more so than DCCC Chair Chris Van Hollen. I was able to catch his final two campaign stops with Himes: an appearance in Norwalk’s Ryan park and the second of two fund raisers. Both Van Hollen and the DCCC staff were enthusiastic about Jim’s candidacy and mindful that the opportunity to defeat Chris Shays may finally be at hand.

From Congressman Van Hollen’s remarks in Norwalk:

We really believe, the DCCC, that the people of this community have an opportunity to send somebody to Congress who is really committed to helping take our country in a new forward direction.

In his own remarks Jim Himes pointed out the nearby public housing project Washington Village, the first of it’s kind in Connecticut. Washington Village opened its doors in 1941, and was a public works project brought about by Franklin Roosevelt. Himes compared the investments in infrastructure made by FDR to those of the Bush Administration.

From Jim Himes’ remarks:

We’re here today because our Congress and our Administration over the last six years in particular our Congressman Chris Shays has devoted attention and resources to to the war in Iraq which is very different from the war that we were about to fight in 1941. As a result the wonderful opportunities generated by the infrastructure that we’re looking at have been given very short shrift. And this is one of the prime sacrifices that people in America have had to make over the last 6 years.

I’ll have more from both the presser and fundraiser later on tonight, including Van Hollen on the CT’s 2nd and 5th Congressional Districts.


2 responses to “DCCC Chair Campaigns with Jim Himes

  1. Thomas Hooker

    Van Hollen also pointed out in Norwalk that Chris Shays was trying to have it both ways last fall by decrying the “Coffee Talk With the Taliban” flier sent out by the Republicans’ congressional Campaign Committee to voters that suggested that Diane Farrell didn’t want to stand up to terrorists. As Van Hollen pointed out, if he didn’t want that sort of communications sent out in support of his campaign, all Shays had to do was go to the committee directly and tell them to stay out. But by not doing so, he had it both ways: condemning the mailings, but benefitting from the sleazy hits against his oppoents.

    Of course, he also pointed out that Shays had it both ways on Iraq as well: telling voters that he supported the implementation of the Iraq Study Group recommendations, while voting against its key recommendation: the withdrawal of combat troops by the end of March next year; telling voters that he favors a timeline for withdrawal, but then voting against all timelines put forth in congress; then reversing himself and telling constituents that, yes, he does favor a timeline now, even though Bush hasn’t come forward with one, but it just has to be after the next election.

    That’s “Both Ways” Shays to a tee.

  2. Weicker Liker

    Is there a report coming from the Van Hollen appearances in CT-2 & CT-5?

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