Getting Out the Maps

Just for the sake of reference, here are the maps of the 2005 municipal election, showing both control of town councils/board of selectmen (or whatever the legislative body of a municipality is called) and control of the town’s “top office,” be that a mayor, first selectman or something else. In some cases, the “top office” is not directly elected, but is elected by the council. This is true in Enfield and New London, for instance.

A note: Waterbury is purple (for third party) on the “top office” map because Michael Jarjura was not the nominee of the Democratic Party, despite remaining a Democrat.

Council Control by party – 2005

“Top Office” by party – 2005

How will these maps change tomorrow? Will we see more red? More blue? Or will things stay by and large the same? My own suspicion is that there’s going to be a bit more red. I don’t have anything specific informing that guess, but there you go.


10 responses to “Getting Out the Maps

  1. GC – Just a nit. Waterford’s legislative body is the Representative Town Meeting, not the Board of Selectmen. So, although the BOS is currently controlled by the Rs, the RTM is controlled by the Ds and should be Blue, at least until tomorrow, then we will see. I know there are not many RTMs in the State and they all have different functions so it is hard to tell if they are the legislative body so your mistake is understood.

  2. That’s a very useful nitpick. I will have to remember it when I make the next round of maps after tomorrow.

  3. famillionaire

    Bridgeport elections on tomorrow.

  4. The CT Supremes have sent Caruso packing – no links yet.

  5. A link!

    Caruso’s out.

    “HARTFORD — The state attorney general says a ruling by the state Supreme Court has allowed Bridgeport’s mayoral election to be held Tuesday, despite a candidate’s claims of voting irregularities in the Democratic primary”

  6. OK, Tubby, you’ve been slapped down by Bridgeport voters, the lower courts AND the Supremes … Do ya think maybe NOW you can sit down and shut the hell up?

  7. >>Do ya think maybe NOW you can sit down and shut the hell up?

    It’s so tragic.

    Can’t you just see him right now?
    Poor fellow; crying himself to sleep.

  8. So this means he will remain in the legislature — Damn!

  9. Thanks for reposting these, they are great. Another nit about town councils. Westport has a non-partisan Representative Town Meeting. Candidates do not run on a party line, nor are they divided or identified by party in any RTM business, so it’s not possible to say which party controls. I believe the same is true in Greenwich.

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