Election Results

10:45 I’ll probably have to stop soon, as returns are down to a trickle. Fun night! More wrap-up tomorrow. Check here for more results, and post them here if you’ve got ’em.

10:38 The West Hartford Blog has results for town council there.

10:32 Results have slowed down to a crawl. MLN says that Democrats have won big in Darien. Yes. Darien.

10:24 The size of Jeff Wright’s win in Newington is pretty amazing. Also, note that results did not come in any faster with the new machines. Oh, well.

10:15 It’s great to have the Republicans posting up-to-the-minute results. Democrats could do that, too, should they ever feel inclined. HINT.

10:14 Board of Directors in Manchester goes to the GOP. Heath is excited. The NHI says Unk DaRos is the winner over John Opie down in Branford.

10:07 So we’ve got at least a few upsets: one in Vernon, one in Stonington, one right here in Enfield, one in Newington. But no big changes in the cities like last time, when a lot of medium-sized cities went GOP. We’re seeing some pickups for Dems in smaller towns, still, and it looks like the GOP is making a comeback of sorts in the older suburbs–which have been Dem in previous years.

The maps, when they’re done, will tell all.

More results soon.

9:58 Republican wins in Glastonbury and New Milford. I’m trying to get a sense of tonight, and I can’t really grab the narrative yet.

9:55 People on MLN saying Republican wins in Danbury and Milford.

9:54 Big news out of Simsbury, Mary Glassman (D) elected.

9:53 Happy Republicans in Enfield. Don’t know which Republicans will be on the council yet.

9:50 Republican wins for top office in Weston, Waterford, Willington, Suffield (narrow: 52%-48%) and Old Saybrook. Democratic wins for top office in Woodbury (!), Sherman, Southbury (again, by FOUR VOTES) and Norfolk.

9:46 Saw on MLN that Frank Farricker (D) has lost by a lot in Greenwich.

9:45 The Everyday Republican, which is ON FIRE tonight, says Stewart the winner in New Britain.

9:38 The Courant is calling it for Perez in Hartford. Bah.

9:35 Everyday Republican says Bingham won 6363-1810. Wow. Also, the council in Torrington is GOP. A remarkable win.

9:31 WTIC says Currey a winner in East Hartford. Also, Picard (D) leading in West Haven. Republican wins in Scotland. Democratic wins in Sprague and Thomaston. Windsor Locks, Wawruck (D) wins.

9:30 Bingham won in Torrington. No surprise there.

9:28 Victory statement from Bill Finch:

Bridgeport is on the verge of great things major economic development, new and improved schools and neighborhood revitalization. We have a great opportunity over the next few years to move Bridgeport forward and usher in a new era of growth and prosperity. I am proud to be chosen by the voters of this great city to be our next Mayor at this exciting time in our history. There are many challenges facing us too, but we will face them together and move beyond them together. Thank you to the leaders of our great Democratic party, thank you to my loving wife Sonya and my sons Peter, Chris, Atticus and Aiden and thank you to each and every one of you who voted today.’

9:27 Everyday Republican says Lou DeLuca won his bid for town moderator. I’d like to see the numbers.

9:24 Top of the ticket Republican wins in Ledyard, Prospect, Brooklyn, Canton, North Canaan, and maybe Bethlehem (575-571, Hamel over Bulvanoski for First Selectman). Dem victories in Chaplin, Clinton, Deep River, East Granby, East Windsor, Hartland, Rocky Hill, Madison and Oxford.

9:22 Ed Haberek (D) a winner in Stonington, says The Day.

9:19 McCoy (R) defeats Marmer (D) in Vernon in a surprise upset. Vernon is now all-GOP.

9:18 Flatto (D) a winner in Fairfield. Still waiting on Milford and Hartford…

9:14 Bristol Blog says Art Ward a winner there. New London Democrats keep control of the city council.

9:05 Everyday Republican reports that the GOP will control the council in Enfield!!!

9:04 Bill Finch the winner in Bridgeport. No surprise there.

8:57 Moccia is well ahead in Norwalk. LaRosa a winner in Rocky Hill. Lyon over Sears by SIX VOTES in Washington.

8:55 – Melody Currey has a comfortable lead in East Hartford. Henrici a winner in Hamden.


8:48 Mark Benigni wins in Meriden.

I’m hearing Jeff Wright won in Newington.

8:41 GOP wins in Durham, according to the Everyday Republican. Very few real results yet. Give it twenty minutes.

8:31 I’m hearing Jarjura has won in Waterbury. Can’t confirm yet.

The polls are closed. Go ahead and post here if you have results. I’ll be updating this post throughout the night.

We should start getting results within the hour.


14 responses to “Election Results

  1. DeStefano wins a record eighth term as New Haven Mayor.

  2. [quote comment=”21977″]DeStefano wins a record eighth term as New Haven Mayor.[/quote]
    No surprise there. I wonder if he’ll ever run for higher office again, though?

  3. North Haven public access is reporting McCarty (the Dem challenger) is over 1,000 votes ahead of Kopetz. One of the five precincts is having voting machine problems, so no hard numbers yet.

  4. New London Democrats retain control of the City Council, 5-2. One New London, the anti-eminent domain 3rd party founded after the Kelo decision, is dead.

    Also, major problems with the voting machines in Old Lyme. Recount in progress.

  5. I tried to vote today. They sent me to the wrong place. I couldn’t. I’m a little upset.

  6. Romor has it that Young Dem April Capone beat Maturo in East Haven, (by 24 votes?), andDems took the City Council.

    If this holds up, wow!

    And Rowland conceded in Milford…

  7. This is a bit tacky, isn’t it? Posting this, dated tomorrow, well before the last of the returns is in?


  8. Southington results here: http://record-journal.mycapture.com/mycapture/enlarge.asp?userphoto=0&image=16769379&thispage=1

    Board of Ed is wrong however as after photo was taken a minor change putting the GOP in charge of that board.

    Council goes from 6-3 Dem to 5-4 Dem

  9. Wallingford Dems take Council and Board of Ed majorities. Republican Mayor stays in office.

  10. >>The size of Jeff Wright’s win in Newington is pretty amazing.

    Not at all – have you seen the size of Jeff?

    He must be 6 feet 13 inches! (what do I know?..from 5’8″ everything over 6’2″ looks the same to me)

    He’s a terrific fellow.

  11. [quote comment=”21986″]>>The size of Jeff Wright’s win in Newington is pretty amazing.

    Not at all – have you seen the size of Jeff?

    He must be 6 feet 13 inches! (what do I know?..from 5’8″ everything over 6’2″ looks the same to me)

    He’s a terrific fellow.[/quote]
    My dad, who is a Republican down in Newington, is going to be thrilled by this.

    Jeff is about my age, and I have the weird feeling that I went to school with him at one point. But I honestly don’t remember.

  12. >>Jeff is about my age, and I have the weird feeling that I went to school with him at one point

    You’re about the same age.

    He’s Dale Carnegi incarnate – outgoing, friendly to a fault; very decent guy.

    Given an opprotunity to attract some big enterprise (read: major tax infusion) to Newington or elsewhere; once the principals meet Jeff it’ll be a done deal.

  13. Ridgefield first selectman Marconi handily won reëlection, 3,884 to 1,630, although the Republican was a nobody who actually said in the paper he was running because he wanted voters to have a choice (i.e., no other Republican was even going to think about runing because they’d know they’d lose). Republicans have majorities almost everywhere else, and most of the other positions were unopposed.

    It looks like in Greenwich, Republican Peter Tesei won overwhelmingly for First Selectman.

    Republican Jeb Walker won overwhelmingly in New Canaan, 2767-1570.

    In Wilton, over 20% of people voted. However, none of the races there were contested.

    Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia overwhelmingly won reëlection, 5070-2865 against Democrat Walter Briggs.

  14. Wright was standing at the Starbucks corner in the center of the town this whole last week. I never saw Klett once. He’s definitely easy to pick out in a crowd with his size. I’ve heard nothing but good things. Newington was due for a change. The town hasn’t been happy about the direction the town council has pointed us in the last couple of years. Hopefully the change will be for the better.

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