Voting Accomplished

I voted. The machine worked fine. It was a little strange not to have the old machine, but the new paper ballot and scanner were pretty easy to use.

There wasn’t a line. Turnout, apparently, has not been strong today. The number on the machine when I left was 697.

I wanted to post one final map, which shows party registration dominance in certain towns. This can sometimes be a guide for what’s going to happen in local elections, but sometimes not. It actually tracks most closely to voting at the state level, but I thought I’d post it anyway.


One other problem with the map is that it’s slightly misleading–independents/unaffiliateds actually dominate in all towns but a handful. But that map would be a lot less fun and interesting.

Just a few hours until polls close!


5 responses to “Voting Accomplished

  1. Voting couldn’t have been easier. Seems like the new machines worked just fine – although the reader looked like a shredder. I remember reading in the aftermath of the 2000 election that election consultants figured there was a 3 to 4 percent error rate in the counting of votes using the old machines. This has to be better.

  2. The Seniors are reporting back that they love the new voting machines.

    The magnifying lens is also a great thought.

  3. Clickety_Clak

    GC–are you going to have a new post for election results?

  4. I used the new voting machines for the first time today as well. All I can say is that I think they suck big time. Maybe they worked but big deal for 15 million dollars they should have. It’s a good thing voter turnout was low with the new voting method we are all gonna have to pack a box lunch to make it through the line for any of the big elections. Could the state have found a more cumbersome time consuming method of doing a very simple thing. Voter turnout is bad enough without people having to wait in line 5 times longer. Any method of voting can be abused there was no reason to step back into the stone age and inconvenience everyone on a tight schedule with these “new” old machines!!!

  5. I voted yesterday. I’m too young to be nostalgic, but I sure missed the authoritative sound of the old machine when you opened or closed the curtain, the “clunk” that made it seem irrevocable, the sound of a gavel almost, having “judged” the candidates and issues fairly.

    Instead, I took a bubble test with a magic marker.

    Can we use crayons next time?

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