Connecticut Democratic Primary Map – UPDATED

Obama defeats Clinton in Connecticut, 51%-47%

Barack Obama won where he needed to win. He won by more than 6,000 votes in New Haven, by 3,500 votes in Hartford, by 1,500 in Bridgeport and by 600 in Mansfield, which adds up to over 80% of his 14,000-vote statewide margin. Crucially, Obama was able to keep pace with Clinton in Fairfield County and the Democrat-heavy Connecticut Valley.

Interestingly, I see a passing resemblance to this map of the Democratic U.S. Senate primary from 2006:

Lamont defeats Lieberman, August 2006

Does that mean Lamont voters are Obama voters, and that Lieberman voters are Clinton voters? Not necessarily. But there does seem to be something of a correlation.

I’m going to work on the cartogram of the election for either tonight or tomorrow. I am thinking of actually making the map of McCain’s landslide, as well, because it’s sort of interesting to see where he’s weak and where he’s strong in Connecticut.

Update – The Cartogram

A cartogram of Obama’s victory

One thing that jumps out in the cartogram is how critical Fairfield County was for Obama.


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