Poll: Public Strongly Supports Paid Sick Days for All Employees

A new poll commissioned by the Working Families Party and conducted by Bannon Research shows broad support for a measure currently in the Senate that would create a minimum number of paid sick days per year for all employees. 68.6% of total respondents strongly favored the idea, 18.6% mildly favored it, while only 8% opposed it. Two choice quotes from a WFP release:

“It’s hard to find an issue that polls higher than Governor Rell, but Paid Sick Days does.” Said Jon Green, director of Working Families.

“I think this is a very reasonable measure that not only addresses the needs of employees, but also enhances public health in Connecticut,” said Senator John Kissel, Republican State Senator from Enfield.

Kissel is co-sponsor of the bill, which passed the Judiciary committee 21-8 and is now awaiting action by the General Assembly.

Here are the cross-tabs, for your evaluation:

The poll surveyed 500 CT likely voters from April 9-11. MoE +/- 4%.

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