Poll Shows Support for School Choice

After the new Sheff settlement was announced in April, a group supporting the goals of the Sheff vs. O’Neill plaintiffs commissioned a UCONN poll to see whether Connecticut residents supported the ideas they were advancing. Some findings:

Connecticut residents strongly support the voluntary two-way integration programs that are the backbone of the Sheff v. O’Neill settlement agreement, according to a new poll released by the University of Connecticut.
Regardless of geography, race, income, or other factors, more than 60% of all people surveyed support giving parents the option to send their children to schools outside of their district. This support has grown since the last poll in 1997. Most parents would consider sending their own child to a school outside of their district.
Open Choice, which allows urban students to attend suburban schools, operates in urban areas throughout the state, but was known to only 10% of respondents. However, most people were supportive of the program.
An overwhelming 83% of state residents are supportive of the regional magnet school program. Support crosses all demographic groups, with 84% of urban and 83% of non-urban residents.

It’s a pretty interesting poll, and the findings about support for magnet schools and the ability to send children to schools outside their districts mirrors a recent national poll.

Read the full report: 2008-sheff-movement-survey-study-final-in-color.pdf


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