Obama Still Way Ahead in Connecticut

Rasmussen released a new poll this morning of Connecticut’s presidential preferences, and to no one’s surprise, Obama has a double-digit lead over John McCain, 53%-41%. Crucially, Obama now has the advantage over McCain with unaffiliated voters.

The race has tightened a little since August, from a fifteen point lead to a twelve point lead.

Sarah Palin has surprisingly high unfavorables–51% view her unfavorably while 46% view her favorably. We’re all just jealous of her extreme folksiness. Joe Biden, on the other hand, is viewed favorably by 58%, and unfavorably by 37%.

Gov. Rell’s numbers are still pretty good. 58% think she’s doing a good or excellent job. Her numbers aren’t quite as stratospheric as they once were (take a look at the trend chart below) but she’s still a popular governor after more than four years. The chart below registers Quinnipiac (Q) and Rasmussen (R) polls since Rell’s last election in 2006.



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