Set Sail for Adventure With Sullivan Radio Ad

Sean Sullivan has released a new radio ad.

Here’s the script:

Man: We elected him 2 years ago on his promise to lead us through turbulent times. But Joe Courtney and this Congress failed us!

Woman: With an approval rating of only 9% this is the worst Congress ever!

Man: Meanwhile, the Washington Post says Joe Courtney votes over 98% with his own party! And Foxwoods just laid off 700 workers while Joe Courtney just stood by! That’s no leader!

Woman: Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Man: It is so- hey, we have a real jobs crisis! And now we’ve got a mortgage mess because Congress missed the boat, costing us 700 billion dollars to bail out Wall Street!!

Woman: Gas, electricity and oil are still high; it’s a real energy crisis, too!

Both: Joe Courtney failed us!

Man: Career Politician Joe Courtney’s part of the problem!

Woman: He’s in over his head! We need a real leader!

Man: But there is a leader who knows how to navigate rough waters. Sean Sullivan is a proven leader! Former US Navy Sub Base Commander Sean Sullivan works for real solutions that make sense for us.

Woman: Times are tough! We can’t afford to sink with Joe Courtney!

Man: Vote for Sean Sullivan for Congress! Proven leadership- for real change.

Sullivan: I’m Sean Sullivan, candidate for US Congress, and I approved this message.

Man: Paid for by the Committee to Elect Sean Sullivan.

Now I know you’re asking yourself, does this radio ad, like Sullivan’s truly awesome TV ad, have a nautical theme and what sounds like JAWS music in the background?

Well, you’re in luck, because it has both! There’s lots of water sounds, and at about 50 seconds in, someone lets off a foghorn! Plus there’s this great sound at the transition point, at about 37 seconds in, that sounds like someone in the studio just cracked open a cold one. The ad is worth listening to twice, just to pick up on the background music and sound effects.

The content of the ad is a little much. Courtney voted against the bailout, for instance, and it’s hard to see what he could have done to save jobs at Foxwoods. And, much like Sullivan’s debate performances, Sullivan doesn’t offer much beyond attacks except a few vague generalities about what a great leader he is. I actually thought Sullivan’s windy, low-budget video about nuclear power was a lot more effective than either of the ads he’s been putting on the air.

I have to love the nautical theme, though. Keep it coming!


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