A Few Thoughts About Election Night

#1: What an awful night for Republicans. This is going to be a stinging loss for the party all over the country, but here in Connecticut it’s especially bad. The “Fighting 44” is down to the Fighting 39 (I think–we’ll know for sure tomorrow). They lost Russo’s senate seat, which they picked up in a special election last year. Worst of all, they lost their last House seat in all of New England to a guy who had never run a race before.

There were a few bright spots, but they were few and far between. It just goes to show that organization and energy aren’t always enough to stand against a monster typhoon.

#2: Democrats did well in marginal Republican districts, like Ruwet’s and Kalinowski’s. This is the effect of new voters, I’m thinking, more than anything else.

#3: Once again, I saw lots of ads for Republicans with Jodi Rell in them, and once again they had zero effect. Voters like the governor, but they won’t vote for her friends.

#4: Sean Sullivan was never going to do well, but even I’m surprised by just how massive his loss to Courtney was (66%-32%). You just never know in this district. Next time I bet it’s another nailbiter–unless Sullivan is the candidate again.

#5: Did public financing matter? Not in the results, perhaps–at least not this year.

#6: The state senate map didn’t change from 2006. I’m betting margins were larger, though.

#7: Lost in the shuffle? A solid double-digit win for Chris Murphy. This race was never polled, and apparently for good reason.

#8: No one will ever speak to Joe Lieberman again.

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