Election Results: House Races

12:03: Watching Obama speak now. This is an amazing moment in our history. The map above is updated to the best of my knowledge of who is ahead and who has won. There may be errors and they will be corrected tomorrow.

11:54: It looks like young Matthew Lesser defeated Ray Kalinowski tonight. A lot of the Republicans in marginal districts are falling. An exception is Tom Christiano’s narrow loss to Tony Hwang.

11:48: I’m looking at House races right now. Some stunners, like Esty (D) over Adinolfi in Cheshire, and Ruwet’s loss in Torrington. Matt Conway (D) won in Suffield–in Ruth Fahrbach’s old district. Some definite Dem pickups, it just remains to be seen how many.

10:18: A Republican pickup, and an expected one, as John Rigby is winning in the 63rd. This was Rep. Wilber’s seat.

10:15: A Democratic pickup in Torrington, as Rep. Anne Ruwet loses to Michelle Cook in the 65th district.

9:03: Wins for Jutila (D) in the 37th, Elissa Wright in the 41st and Diana Urban in the 43rd. Party change didn’t hurt her.

8:55: Not much out there yet, but some safe Democratic districts are coming in. Fleischmann a winner in the 18th, McCluskey in the 20th and Bye in the 19th. These are West Hartford districts.

8:00: Polls close. No results yet. The map above shows uncontested races.


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