Seat Switches

Democrats have picked up a good handful of seats this morning, as their supermajority returns with a vengeance.

  • Democrat Matthew Lesser defeated Republican Rep. Ray Kalinowski.
  • Democrat Michelle Cook defeated Republican Rep. Anne Ruwet (her family did get a boost, however, when the term of the mayor of Torrington was extended. Her son is Torrington Mayor Ryan Bingham).
  • Democrat Peggy Reeves won the seat vacated by Republican Rep. Toni Boucher.
  • Democrat Elizabeth Esty defeated Rep. Al. Adinolfi.
  • Democrat Theresa Conroy won the seat vacated by retiring Republican Rep. Leonard Greene.
  • Democrat Matthew Conway defeated Republican Lauren Life to take retiring Rep. Ruth Fahrbach’s seat.
  • Democrat Mae Flexer won retiring Republican Rep. Michael Caron’s seat.
  • Democrat Chris Lyddy won retiring Republican Rep. Julia Wasserman’s seat.

There were a couple of bright spots for Republicans, however:

  • Republican John Rigby defeated a surprisingly strong write-in campaign for William Riiska, taking Rep. George Wilber’s seat away from Democrats.
  • Christopher Coutu defeated seven-term Democratic Rep. Jack Malone.
  • Republican Tony Hwang defeated first-term Democrat Tom Christiano.

Still waiting on Hornish-Ferrari. This one will go to a recount, I’m sure. Democrats are predicting that they have 112 seats, up from 107–and that could be 113 depending on the outcome in the 62nd.

In the Senate, only one seat changed hands, restoring the status quo from 2006.
Democrat Anthony Musto defeated Republican Sen. Rob Russo to reclaim Bill Finch’s old seat for the Democrats.

The Senate will be 24-12 Democrats.

One response to “Seat Switches

  1. Alex P. Keaton

    A silly move from another legislator. This time, it’s Rep. Michelle Cook from Torrington. Check yesterday’s Rep-Am for specifics, but I think this sums it up:

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