2010: Rell Likely Running Again

Sure looks like it:

“I’m more invigorated than ever,” Mrs. Rell, a Republican, said of the added difficulties she may face as a result of Democratic gains in the State Legislature, in Connecticut’s Congressional delegation and in the White House. “I’m not scared off by it. We have work to do.”

“In fact later tonight,” she said Wednesday, “I’m looking forward to drafting my first fund-raising letter.” Mrs. Rell hasn’t formally committed to running for re-election in two years but has created a 2010 exploratory committee. (Hladky)

I’d say the odds are in favor of Jodi Rell running again, especially given her tone here. She wasn’t nearly as set on running two years away from 2006 (in fact, she waited until the fall of 2007 to announce her intentions).

There are still factors that could change her mind, of course. For example, the economy is likely to still be lousy over the next year or two, and a poor economy has in the past sunk long-popular governors like Bill O’Neill and John Dempsey (I’m working on another post about these two). Two years is a long time, and a lot could happen.

Still, let’s assume she’s running. There’s always a possibility that disenchanted Republicans might mount a primary against her, but it’s hard to see who their standard-bearer would be. I expect that if she did announce her intentions to run for re-election, she’d have no opposition worth mentioning in her own party, and instantly be the favorite to win the general election. She’s still very popular, and she isn’t a partisan Republican. John McKinney here puts forth a compelling argument for Rell:

John McKinney, a Fairfield Republican who is the State Senate minority leader, reacting to Republican losses across the country, said the party needs to listen to Mrs. Rell and other moderates in the state G.O.P. to learn “that there are better ways to govern.”

“People are tired of the same old partisanship,” Mr. McKinney said. “They want politicians to work for them, not for a party. And that’s what Jodi Rell is all about.” (Hladky)

Which begs the question: who will run against her? Would Richard Blumenthal want to risk a loss against Rell? He didn’t in 2006. Dan Malloy would probably step into the front-runner spot, but Jim Amann is already running and could wind up being the nominee as well.

On another note, it’s nice to see former New Haven Register Capitol correspondent Greg Hladky working for a much, much better paper now. Success is the best revenge!

Hladky, Gregory. “Newcomers Boost Democratic Numbers.” 7 November, 2008.

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