Waterbury Primary Shapes Up

I know what you want–local mayoral politics!

Capitol Watch has a great piece about a looming primary in Waterbury between board of aldermen president Paul Vance and Mayor Mike Jarjura. Vance has been planning this run since at least last July, when he announced his intentions. It’s unclear whether Jarjura will run again, but if he does Vance will almost certainly face him in a primary. Here’s a snippet:

“Some days he’s in, some days he’s out,” Vance said. “He told me after last election, he’s done.” But if Jarjura indeed runs again, Vance indicated he’s prepared for the possibility of a primary next year: “Any job worth having is worth applying for.”
“Waterbury always has primaries. We thrive on them,” Jarjura said. He said it “obviously is awkward, having the president of my board announcing when he is supposed to be supporting me on the legislative side.” But “it does give me the opportunity to add some new blood … with his departure,” Jarjura said.

Ouch! Well, I guess it’s Waterbury. So now the question is whether Jarjura steps aside, clearing the way for Vance, or whether he decides to face him in a primary. Right now, from the way Jarjura is talking, it sure looks like the latter.

This is shaping up to be one of the great races to watch next cycle. Jarjura has been mayor for a long time, so his popularity may have ebbed a little since his incredible write-in win in 2005. Or not. We’ll find out.


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