Forgiveness is Also Vengeance

It’s looking more and more likely that Joe Lieberman is going to get what he wants–that is, his chairmanship of the Homeland Security committee.

He may receive some sort of “token” punishment, like perhaps writing “I will not campaign for the other party’s nominee” 100 times on the blackboard. Then he can go.

I know a lot of people who will not be happy with this. Lieberman should count himself lucky, though, that the man he campaigned against is feeling magnanimous in victory. Someone ought to hang a big picture of Barack Obama in Lieberman’s office, somewhere where he’ll have to walk past it every day, to remind him.

Maybe that’s the point. It has to burn, just a little, that Obama has so publicly saved Joe Lieberman. Also, now Lieberman will owe him. Without Obama’s help, it’s likely that Lieberman would have thrown his little fit by now and stormed off to obscurity with the GOP.

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