Quick Update on Waterbury

Paul Vance officially kicked off his mayoral campaign with a fundraiser yesterday, and had this to say:

[T]he vast majority of Waterbury voters don’t care how much money you’ve raised. They want to know what ideas you have and what you intend to do once in office. I have been gaining support and momentum by visiting voters in the city by speaking openly and honestly about the challenges and opportunities ahead of us. Waterbury needs a Mayor whose priorities are clear and I look forward to the start of a positive campaign. ”

He even has a website up and running: VoteVance.com.

Still waiting to hear whether Mayor Jarjura will launch his own re-election bid, but from his statements earlier it sure seems like a primary is shaping up here.

I can’t wait! It’s amazing how filled with energy I am. Usually after an election, I’m down for a while. Not after this one, though.


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