Open Forum

It’s Monday.

The Bristol Press/Herald saga marches on. One intriguing new idea is turning the paper(s) into nonprofits, sort of like the New Haven Independent. That model seems to work for online, but what about for print? As far as I know, no daily print newspapers are nonprofits. Still, is this a possible future for newspapers?

Colin McEnroe reports on Avon police forwarding nasty Barack Obama emails using town addresses.

The Stamford Advocate has a profile of future Majority Leader Denise Merrill (D-Storrs).

The Sunday Courant had a great article about Blue Back Square, which is doing pretty well for itself and for West Hartford. A model to be copied elsewhere? Maybe we can turn the Enfield Square area into something like that!

The Day reflected on Sean Sullivan’s loss. Apparently, he didn’t like fundraising–this will come as a shock to most of you! Still, I suspect we’ll see Sullivan again, maybe running for the state legislature like he originally intended. At least there, thanks to public financing, he won’t have to fundraise much.

Lastly, Joe Lieberman’s fate will be decided tomorrow by Senate Democrats in a secret ballot.

What else is going on?


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  1. Uh oh GC – comments are missing from posts “27 Responses so Far” followed by “There are no comments yet…” Yikes.

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