A Winner is John Larson

John Larson was elected chair of the Democratic caucus today. A few remarks from him:

What this Congress and this Caucus face is a different rendezvous. We have a rendezvous with reality… the harsh reality that Americans struggle with daily: the daunting reality of foreclosure, job loss, soaring costs in health care, energy, and education. That reality is written on your faces and carried in your hearts.

This is not a time for the faint of heart, it is the time to seize the day, seize this crisis and turn it into opportunity for our nation’s people. Whether you have served here for 10 years or are a freshman, this is our moment — our time to move a nation. Our legacy is aligned with a transformational president and people who are counting on us to be the difference in their lives.

We do not shrink from this responsibility, we welcome it.

Is it me or has Larson been getting a lot more… melodramatic with age? I remember watching him fire up the crowd at the Hartford Obama rally back in February, and I’ve never seen him with such fire. Interesting stuff.

Larson is now the most powerful member of the Connecticut congressional delegation since the 1930s.


One response to “A Winner is John Larson

  1. Larson has been a great Vice Chair for the past few years, and will be a great Caucus Chair, his staff is great too.

    (Full disclosure: I interned for Rahm Emanuel’s people in the Democratic Caucus)

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