Lieberman, Budget Discussed on 'The Real Story'

Joe Lieberman and the state budget are the topics of conversation on FOX61’s The Real Story (née Beyond the Headlines. Video after the break (click on “read more”).

Chris Healy will be appearing on WFSB’s Face the State this Sunday for “a discussion of the 2008 campaign, the future of the Republican Party, the current state budget crisis and the 2010 elections,” according to a release. Update: SOTS Susan Bysiewicz will also be on that program, to discuss running for governor in 2010.

McKinney for Congress 2010?

Speaking of 2010, watch the third video with Sen. McKinney (apparently Sen. Williams was supposed to be there as well, but got into an accident in Hartford) in which he says he’s “looking at” running against Jim Himes in 2010. You can see some reaction to that over at The Everyday Republican, but if McKinney did run he would likely be the strongest Republican challenger to an incumbent Democratic congressman since Rob Simmons in 2000.

Lieberman Part 1

Lieberman Part 2

State Budget


12 responses to “Lieberman, Budget Discussed on 'The Real Story'

  1. I hope the CT GOP runs a staunch Republican like John McKinney.

    McKinney is no Chris Shays. He’s bad on the environment, and doesn’t believe in basics like the minimum wage and universal health coverage.

    Sure he’s got his Daddy’s name. But that was 23years ago.

    What have been McKinney’s major accomplishments in the Statehouse?

  2. [quote comment=”38665″]I hope the CT GOP runs a staunch Republican….[/quote]
    Who is this interloper using Anderson’s favorite photo? What have you done with Scooper?

  3. Now that comment rating is gone, TrueBlueCT comes out of the closet.

    What a coincidence.

    Of course, we all know that the ratings were just done by the throngs of “Chris Healy acolytes” or “Crappiello interns from Dirty Jerz” or something and they had no effect on TrueBlue….

  4. AndersonScooper

    Oh, hey. Sorry. Checked in from a friend’s computer under my old handle.

    (But I guess somehow, Icky was entertained.)

    Can anyone list McKinney’s major Statehouse accomplishments?

  5. “Can anyone list McKinney’s major Statehouse accomplishments? ”

    Well let’s look at this from a purely mathematical point of view.

    Let’s assume McKinney’s accomplishments in the statehouse were zero. If he runs for the 4th Congressional seat in two years, he will be running for Congress against a Democrat was has not yet even taken office. It would follow so far his accomplishments are also…………..Zero.

    Sounds like as of today they are tied in that race.

  6. I do like the headline over at Everyday Rep. about it:

    “Sen. McKinney Says Maybe to CT-4”

    Gee, way to be decisive.


  7. AndersonScooper


    You’re saying McKinney’s Statehouse accomplishments are zero?

    C’mon, he must have done something in all that time.

    Or is he just resting on his Daddy’s laurels?

  8. AndersonScooper

    What I liked in the Lieberman clip was Jimmy Amann saying that if it were his caucus, Joe Lieberman would have been out on his ass!

    Way to go Shelly for finally getting Amann on the record as to his buddy Joe.

  9. …if McKinney did run he would likely be the strongest Republican challenger to an incumbent Democratic congressman since Rob Simmons in 2000.

    This may be the lowest bar ever constructed.

  10. AS,

    “You’re saying McKinney’s Statehouse accomplishments are zero?”

    No, all I was doing was responding to your question in post number one in a very basic way.

    Frankly that’s not a bad question AS, in fact it’s an excellent one. I congratulate you. It’s a great question for all of us to ask before we rubber stamp so many people into office.

    I must confess I don’t know the answer to your question. One reason being that I don’t know what you consider a “major accomplishment”. For example I don’t consider helping to get passed a totally unenforceable, and ignored ban on using cells without a hands free device while driving to be a “major accomplishment”.

    In addition since I vote in the 1st, and not the 4th district, I am far more concerned with what if any, are the major accomplishments of my Congressman over the last 10 or so years to deserve to be a permanent fixture in Congress?

    Clearly from your question we both agree we should first consider the record of accomplishment of the person when we vote, not which party they come from. After all, your question shows real concern, and obviously suggests you place a higher regard for accomplishment than affiation.

    That being the case to make this easy even if McKinney actually accomplished nothing (positive) in Hartford he has accomplished no less than Congressman elect Jim Himes has so far in Congress. They both as of today have an equal slate of accomplishment when being considered for election to Congress in 2010.

    Since this possible match up is still two years away I suggest that we will have the chance to ask an even better question at that time. What were the major accomplishments of Jim Himes the last two years? Let’s both hope they are far more than nothing.

  11. Wow! A lede on Lieberman and, as yet, no spit and spittle. Who called the dogs off?

  12. The Connecticut for Lieberman is totally dependent on the GOP:

    “There’s tons of jobs that depend on the Grand Old Party,” agrees Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). “I don’t just mean the employees of the GOP itself. I mean all our partners and suppliers, everyone from Bechtel to the Connecticut for Lieberman Party. There’s the field tech at Fox News, the secretary at the Heritage Foundation, the guy who keeps the shredding machine humming at Halliburton. Yes, Sean Hannity can always go back to pitching steakhouses. But not everyone has a valuable skill to fall back on. What about Frank Luntz? What do you say to him?”

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