Another Hat in the 2010 Gubernatorial Ring?

Ray Hackett, the Editorial Page Editor of the Norwich BULLETIN, hints that Ned Lamont may be considering a run for Governor in 2010 in his blog Friday.  That would make for an interesting primary season if both Lamont and Malloy were running.  That assumes that Blumenthal will not run and the other possible Dem candidates fall by the wayside.  It might get very crowded if they dont.


4 responses to “Another Hat in the 2010 Gubernatorial Ring?

  1. Gubernatorial.

  2. I don’t necessarily look for the same attributes in a Chief Executive and a Representative.

    I think he oughta stick to the Senate and primary Dodd (or wait for Lieberman). From a party perspective, I think that makes more sense too… because if no Dem primary’s Dodd… he may lose to an R. And that wouldn’t give Reid or Obama the 60 votes they want.

    Or maybe it’s just that I feel Dodd and Lieberman have both been there too long?

  3. BruceRubenstein

    Right off the bat and without Blumenthal in the race…LaMont’s credentials would be as good as anyone’s… a time of crisis a outsider’s resume weighted toward business accomplishment might be just what the citizens desire…

  4. No Republicans? I am surprised. Rell may be going through the motions of a run, but with the status of the R’s in CT and the firestorm the state is about to face, I am surprised no one is even pretending to challenge her.

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