Simmons Safe

Whew! Capitol Watch reports that Rob Simmons will still have a job when all is said and done.

…They do know they’re supposed to cut the budget, right?


5 responses to “Simmons Safe

  1. This was the Governor Moody’s attempt to get rid of Rob Simmons……Why?…..competetion for 2010.

    Now she has effectively “neuterized” Simmons….he’s not an independent entity anymore….clearly under the thumb of Moody.

    Prediction: Simmons will resign.

  2. Phew! That was a close one. At least now Simmons can keep galavanting around the state shaking cans of alphabet soup in the air and practicing his stump speech for whatever he’s running for next.

  3. What a waste of money! I want to know why it takes an added layer of bureaucracy to help small businesses succeed in Connecticut. If Governor Rell were serious about cutting the ‘red tape’, perhaps she should just get rid of the obstacles that currently prohibit industry growth. Instead, she created another buffer between her government and the people. Standard operating procedure for her Administration.

    Want to cut costs? Cut all the recently created plumb advocate jobs for Simmons and his staff after 2006. Waste of money.

  4. This is probably a job that should be cut.

    What new positions have been added to the state budget since 2000? Are they really necessary? If so, how did the state function before 2000?

  5. This is partisanship through and through.

    Where’s the plan to eliminate the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women?

    Where’s the plan to cut state funding of embryonic stem cell research. Why should Big Pharma benefit from taxpayer-funded R&D?

    The democrats think that state government is great and want to tax their way out of this deficit.

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