Shoppers Pack Stores in Early Morning

kohls.png The picture to the left is of the Enfield Kohl’s at 4am this morning, as shoppers lined up to grab bargains. One shopper was heard to remark, while standing in line, “What recession?” The rush to grab products was rather like the running of the bulls, and long lines for the cash register kept your intrepid reporter stuck in the store until about 5am.

Shoppers were seen lining up at other Enfield stories, including Best Buy and Sears, during the wee hours this morning as well. Many economists have predicted a weak holiday season for retailers as Americans curtail spending.


5 responses to “Shoppers Pack Stores in Early Morning

  1. Geeze GK, I didn’t know you participated in such madness! There was at least one fatality we know of. At 5AM today a man was trampled to death in a door busting opening at a Wal-Mart in Valley Stream L.I.

  2. [quote comment=”38857″]Geeze GK, I didn’t know you participated in such madness! [/quote]
    I usually don’t, but we happened to be up around that time anyway. Plus, it was a new experience. I don’t think I’d ever do it again.

  3. My wife sent me to the big Target store in New Britain this morning to buy several items advertised in their sale flyer.

    The store was scheduled to open at 6:00 AM. I arrived at 6:11, expecting to be rewarded for my early rise from bed with a relatively calm experience. Sure, there’d be a few other crazy people, but not many — right?

    Wow, was I naive? It was complete mayhem.

  4. I was in line at the Circuit City in Newington at 4:10 am to buy a laptop.

    It was the first time I had ever gone “Full Consumer.” There were about 70 people there ahead of me, mostly young, mostly male. Many were planning to scoot over to the Best Buy across the street (which opened an hour later) if Circuit City left them wanting.

    The line buzz was that the Circuit City chain would be out of business by January 15th.

    Tip for next year’s Black Friday: Staple a large, vividly-colored sign to my chest, reading: “No, I don’t want the extended warranty. No, I STILL don’t want the extended warranty. OK, I’ll take the– just kidding! Outta my way!”

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