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There’s a lot going on, and I don’t have much time to deal with it all.

The budget was the topic of choice on the editorial pages this Sunday. Kevin Rennie in the Courant reminds legislators that it only gets harder from here, despite the nimble passing of the buck that occurred last week. An editorial in The Day shows how bad it could get in one department, though it tries to present some solutions.

One upside of the downturn? The surge in patrons at libraries. When short-sighted local governments look for programs to cut, they ought to remember that people really do depend on the library in times like these.

Rep. Mike Lawlor (D-East Haven) wrote an editorial recommending changes to the sex offender registry. Look for this to come up during the 2009 session.

The governor is heading for Philadelphia on Tuesday to attend a meeting with President-elect Obama and other governors, to discuss how the economy is affecting aid to states. She’s paying for the trip herself.

Speaking of Obama, I’m very pleased with his cabinet choices, so far.

Check out who’s on the cover of Governing magazine.

And lastly, while we’re thinking of New Haven, there’s another great Tom Condon column about development in cities. This column is about the possible makeover of Route 34 in New Haven from an expressway into an urban boulevard. Can’t happen soon enough, and I’d love to see that kind of thinking in Hartford.

What else is going on?


9 responses to “News and Opinion Salad

  1. [quote post=”2386″]Speaking of Obama, I’m very pleased with his cabinet choices, so far.[/quote]

    You can’t please everyone. But Dick Morris is doubtful.

    Columnist Dick Morris, who knew the Clinton administration from the inside out, asserts that the incoming Barack Obama administration has thrown in the white flag on the terrorism battle:

    “Lost in the dramatic disaster unfolding on Wall Street and the brazen hypocrisy of the Hillary Clinton nomination is President-elect Obama’s double signal that the war on terror is now over. His appointment of Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security signals that the Department will once again focus on southern border immigration issues rather than on fighting terrorism.”

    And he also thinks that President Elect Obama has surrendered his presidency to the Clintons.

  2. This Wednesday evening the Town of Enfield Finance Director and Town Manager are providing a budget and revenue status report to the Coucil and Board of Education for the current fiscal year– with a big-hairy eye on the next. Come one come all for some sobering news…. If not live on TOE-TV (Cox 16 in Enfield), it will be taped.

  3. [quote post=”2386″]Speaking of Obama, I’m very pleased with his cabinet choices, so far.[/quote]

    Not all Obama supporters are so sanguine.

    On the Larry King programs, Christopher Hitchens, who supported President Elect Barack Obama in the general election, thinks that the Hillary appointment as Secretary of State is a “no win” choice for Obama. Hitchens argues that Clinton carries lots of dirty underwear into the office, will serve as a co-president rather than as one among a “team of rivals,” a term popularized in the new book on Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin, is overly ambitious and is not fit for the position.

  4. [quote post=”2386″]Secretary of State is a “no win” choice for Obama. [/quote]
    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

  5. AndersonScooper

    Effing Hitchens? Are you kidding me?

    No one on the left will lay claim to him, and who gives a flying duck about what he might think or say….

    Hitchens and The Nation staff
    Among his most severe critics is one-time colleague and friend Alexander Cockburn, a weekly contributor to The Nation. On August 20, 2005, Cockburn wrote:

    What a truly disgusting sack of shit Hitchens is [— a] guy who called Sid Blumenthal one of his best friends and then tried to have him thrown into prison for perjury; a guy who waited [until] his friend Edward Said was on his death bed before attacking him in the Atlantic Monthly…

  6. AndersonScooper

    don’t know where the italics went. The last paragraph is an appropriate quote, from Hitchens’ Wikipedia page.

  7. Scoop you kept italics on.. Off?

  8. AS,

    Hey, is that any way to talk about an ex-Trotskite? It’s true that Hitchens broke with the Nation on the question of the Iraq war, but he appears to have maintained a non-belligerent attitude with other respected Nation writers. Hitchens has written well received books on Thomas Jefferson, Tom Paine and Henry Kissinger (rather critical). It’s not unreasonable to suppose that Cockburn (pronounced Co-burn) is jealous of his notoriety.

    As to the point raised – whether Hillary will be an albatross round Obama’s neck — time will tell. It always does.

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