Dodd Trails Other Senate Dems in Fundraising

According to CQ Politics Chris Dodd is ranked dead last in cash on hand among Democratic senators who are up for re-election in 2010. I’d say it all went to his presidential bid, but he didn’t do so well there, either.

He still has an impressive $567,934 to play with.


One response to “Dodd Trails Other Senate Dems in Fundraising

  1. I doubt any Rs will come out until January. And even though there’d be a primary involved, I doubt any serious Dems come forward until Feb / March… they’ll wanna make a million one-on-one, very quiet phone calls before announcing a challenge to Dodd.

    And for most, it’ll have to be Q1 announcement as they’ll need 2009 to raise cash.

    Anybody know the Congressional rules? Can a sitting Representative raise money, then switch it to a Senate run? I know Dodd did something like that when running for POTUS.

    I think Murphy may go for it… politics aside, he’s clearly got the fire in the belly. But if you’re an elected official and gonna stage a coup, you’re gonna wanna make sure you have the firepower to knock out the king.

    My guess is Dodd goes the way of the Dodo in 2010. Either a D or an R will beat him. Even solid dems I talk to are disgusted with him at this point. I think the personal home loan got more people upset, but for me it’s the bailout.

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