It Begins: Knowles Running in Naugatuck

Naugatuck is back.

Former Rep. Kevin Knowles will seek the nomination of the Democratic Town Committee to run for mayor in May.

Knowles, 52, filled out a registration form over the weekend to start a candidate committee called “Knowles for Naugatuck.” A town committee member filed the form at the town clerk’s office Monday. (Singley)

Naugatuck is one of a small handful of towns which have their municipal elections in May. The others are Bolton, Woodbridge, Bethany and the finance board in Andover. There are also a number of sub-municipal elections, like in Groton City and Jewett City. Naugatuck is the largest and most interesting of the towns holding elections on May 4th, 2009.

Knowles used to be a state representative back in the 1990s, but his vote in favor of the income tax eventually torpedoed his chances of returning to Hartford. Republicans have won the past few elections, with Ronald San Angelo winning the mayor’s race in 2005 and Mike Bronko winning in 2007.

The elections in Naugatuck were among the first I ever wrote about, back in 2005. There’s a feeling that the cycle is starting over, now that they’ve returned.

Singley, Paul. “Knowles to seek mayoral nomination in Naugatuck.” Republican-American 2 December, 2008.


5 responses to “It Begins: Knowles Running in Naugatuck

  1. I will be at least one of Kevin Knowles’ opponents in the 2009 Democratic primary. For more information about my campaign, please go to

    Your site is excellent and a great read. Keep up the good work.


  2. A friend who lives in that area reports that Mezzo never met a spending increase he didn’t love when he served on their town council–no good for the people of Naugatuck, who are already paying seriously high taxes.

    While Knowles is clueless and still doesn’t understand why the voters could twice tell him his services aren’t wanted at the state level, he doesn’t have the ‘big spender’ tag that’s a real drag on Mezzo’s candidacy.

  3. Like the youtube clip, Kabong, but your facts are a bit inaccurate.

    Two of the four years I was on the Board of Burgesses (town council), there were no tax increases at all. The other two years contained revaluation budgets.

    Since then, Naugatuck has had six budgets, all with the other party in office, which contained six straight tax increases.

  4. Hey Bob! Wondered why it took you so long to respond to my post and in the meantime, my buddy in ‘da Valley filled me in.

    I guess since you got your butt kicked running for mayor six years ago, you’ve been living here:

    So you’re saying that the revalution that took effect under your watch wasn’t really a tax increase, huh?

    That your friendly taxpayers group is way off base when they tout the quotes of your arrogance in unecessarily hiking local spending and refusing to listen when the voters overwhelmingly told you to cut in referenda eh?

    Knowles may be clueless why people haven’t forgotten his income tax vote but it sounds to me like you’ve got tons to live down there yourself. They didn’t pick you for mayor back then for a reason.

  5. Hi Kabong. I do not know you, but it sounds is if you know a lot about government. Many are self proclaimed experts on such things, I just hope people don’t try to sit in your favorite chair like always happens to this guy.

    In all seriousness, I have no problem admitting when I was wrong. Looking back, I would have certainly done things differently, and probably tried to move to far, too fast on certain initiatives.

    I was honest, however, when I stated that things would get worse unless we changed how Naugatuck did business. Six years of doing the same things, six years of broken promises, six years of leadership from the other party, and six years of tax increases later, Naugatuck taxpayers are at their breaking point. I doubt there are many in the taxpayers group who disagree with me on that.

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