Rell Meets Obama

It seems to have gone well enough. From the Courant:

Obama promised quick work on an economic recovery plan and told the governors he wanted their advice in designing a package to help them.
“The president-elect and vice president-elect seem very much interested in hearing what the governors have to say,” Rell said in a phone interview while driving back to Connecticut Tuesday afternoon.
“I’m very pleased,” Rell said. “I think to have this dialogue, to have this conversation going back and forth, it’s very helpful and opens that line of communication for the future.” (AP)

What Rell and other governors were really after was a federal aid package to states–some of which could take the form of “shovel-ready” infrastructure projects. Rell seems to be thinking positively about how the incoming administration can help. I don’t remember her ever saying that former current President Bush was all that helpful, so maybe this is a new chapter in Hartford’s relations with Washington.

And, although it doesn’t seem like it, Rell and Obama do have a few things in common. Both took office (or will take office) after the departure of a very, very unpopular predecessor, after all, though the situations were different, and both claim the mantle of reform. I do wonder if the “breath of fresh air” factor that has helped Rell gain such high approval ratings will give Obama an extended honeymoon, as well.

Mansion Tours Will Go On

In other news, the seldom-used governor’s mansion will still hold its annual open house this weekend, although the governor has canceled the traditional holiday parties.

Connecticut governor meets with president-elect.” Associated Press 2 December, 2008.


4 responses to “Rell Meets Obama

  1. You’re right Genghis…I don’t remember Rell saying anything nice about Bush or even wanting to appear with him on the numerous times Bush came to the State. In fact, it seems she went out of her way to NOT see Bush and seemingly preferred instead to sue the Bush Adminstration for No Child Left Behind.

    I guess with no more Bush to bash Rell figures she better jump fast on board the Obama Luv Train before anyone actually figures out that she’s a Republican.

  2. All the govs with tin cups in their hands, very uplifting.

  3. I heard that there’s a big scramble to identify projects that will be “shovel-ready” when Obama is sworn in.

  4. Which, uh, you said. Hm. Reading.

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