Stamford: Pavia Files for Mayoral Run

Former GOP city Rep. Michael Pavia has filed papers for a mayoral exploratory committee in Stamford, setting up what could be one of the most fascinating races of 2009. Mayor Dan Malloy has said he’ll seek a fifth term while possibly running for governor.

If Pavia does run, he will have better name recognition and a wider political network than any Republican candidate since Mayor Stanley Esposito, under whom Pavia served as public works commissioner from 1992-96. Democrat Dannel Malloy defeated Esposito in 1995 and every challenger since then.
[2005 candidate Christopher] Munger, now the Republican Town Committee chairman, said Pavia will have two advantages he didn’t.

“I think Mike has a much better shot at it than I did because I was a relative unknown; he’s known throughout town,” Munger said. “The big challenge will be raising money in this economic environment. I think, certainly, getting a head start is key.” (Dalena)

Munger, recall, did not lose to Malloy by much despite a late start and relatively low name recognition. Pavia is already expected to do better, though expectations are a difficult game to play this far out and it’s far from certain that Pavia will actually run.

Absolutely one to watch in the coming months.

Dalena, Doug. “Pavia files for possible mayoral bid.” Stamford Advocate 2 December, 2008.


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