More on the Simmons "demotion"

In a signed editorial in todays New London DAY, Paul Choiniere gives his take on the elimination of the Connecticut Business Advocate as an independent position answering to the Governor and subsuming the position into the Department of Community and Economic Development (DECD).  His take -“Simmons was shafted for doing his job too well” and upsetting some of the State Commissioners and, in particular, the Governor’s office.

5 responses to “More on the Simmons "demotion"

  1. AndersonScooper

    Simmons is too strong a personality. I can understand why he gut busted for insubordination. It’s just not in his nature to be servile, particularly when the alpha dog isn’t even Jodi Rell. (Think Lisa Moody.)

    This is the time for Healy and Simmons to act. Will they go out in a blaze of glory? Personally, I think so. Sadly we won’t know until after the coming legislative session.

  2. In the Middle

    I thought the editorial was a marriage proposal from Choiniere to Simmons.

  3. You either answer to the Governor, or you are independent.

    It looks like he was never independent.

  4. [quote post=”2402″]In a signed editorial [/quote]
    Op-Ed piece actually. By definition an editorial represents the opinion of the whole paper.

  5. Simmons should just announce whatever he’s running for and save us the valentines in the NL Day.

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