DeStefano Thinking About 2010

John DeStefano told Face the State that is considering running for governor again–depending on the situation in New Haven.

You can watch the video on Weirdly, he mentions Ned Lamont’s name as a possible candidate. That’s the second time I’ve heard that.

So should DeStefano run again? I honestly don’t think it’s a great idea. He got absolutely crushed by Jodi Rell in 2006 (an embarrassingly large loss in a Democratic year), and I’d be surprised if many Democrats get behind him for 2010. The situation is a little different this time, of course. Public financing (or what’s left of it) will change the landscape a bit, meaning the nominee won’t find him/herself scrambling for cash after an exhausting August primary, and Jodi Rell may not be as strong as she once was.

Still, it’s very hard to see him being the nominee. It might be better for him to concentrate his energies on New Haven.

DeStefano, as always, is very interesting to listen to, especially if you care about urban policy and growth. The removal of the Route 34 highway is a particularly fascinating step, and something Hartford should watch very closely.

8 responses to “DeStefano Thinking About 2010

  1. Mayor Forehead is toast for any statewide office.

    He was a horror show of a candidate in ’06 with no issues of interest to anyone. The Walmart health care nonsense? PUHLEEZE….

    Combined with whiny voice?

    and ugly mug?

    Look for him to go for it when Rosa The Romulan packs it in (20 years from now?)

  2. AndersonScooper

    I’d be shocked if DeStefano is actually running.

    More likely he’s looking for some old-fashioned respect, and some ability to play king-maker.

    One can’t but wonder how many, or how few, phone calls DeStefano has gotten from Malloy and/or Amann.

  3. >>he’s looking for some old-fashioned respect

    The Holy Grail will turn up waaaaaay before that ever happens.

  4. Actually public financing will make it worse for DeStefano (or Molloy or Amman or Suzie B). Both Molloy and DeStefano spent in excess of $4M each in the primary, and their name recognition state-wide barely budged. Now they’ll be limited to $1.25M in the primary, and whoever comes out of that will get $3M. Again, not enough, in a full state-wide election to buy sufficient media to get the name recognition, let alone persuasion, done. The Clean Election limits will benefit the already widely known candidates, i.e., Blumie and Rell, and leave everyone else scrambling for a way to break through the noise. With $3M, you simply can’t do it.

  5. I agree with AS that he’s probably looking to pass the torch, but I’d pick him out of the current field. Assuming we can’t draft H. Genga.

    Huh?, you’re right, but I think we should expect the candidates for Gov to ruthlessly exploit the “exploratory committee” loophole in ’10, then we’ll see the limits raised for 2014.

  6. Of note, Malloy is operating a new PAC, after finally closing the 2006 campaign account this summer. I thought it was interesting that his committee settled a bookkeeping discrepancy with a charitable contribution to a sexual assault crisis center.

    Also of note is his campaign efforts to try and tap this year’s Obama activists.

  7. [quote post=”2405″]Also of note is his campaign efforts to try and tap this year’s Obama activists.[/quote]

    I guess he’s figuring what was good for Joe will be good for Dan, but I’m not so sure that Obama’s activists are quite as forgiving as Obama was, are you? Dan’s “team” was pretty militant in their support of Hillary as the “not Obama” and the memory of some of their shenanigans will be around for awhile. It’s hard to imagine Dan getting any kind of progressive backing at all no matter what.

    And then, there’s that pesky thing with his kid joyriding around town joining in with his buddies’ racist phone calls and death threats to an African American girl. Hard to figure Obama’s supporters are going to back a candidate whose kid has that kind of attitude.

    In any event, Dan’s dream of the Governor’s mansion will be moot when Blumenthal finally decides to announce his run to take on Granny Rell.

  8. BruceRubenstein

    jesus…i do hope we can get better candidates then Amann or Molloy….

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