Donovan Announces Leadership, Committee Chairs

House Democrats chose their leaders today, and committee chairs were assigned.

There are a couple of re-assignments of note. #1: Chris Caruso is no longer the co-chair of Government Administration and Elections, replaced by James Spallone. Caruso is now chair of Regulations Review–which seems kind of like a demotion. Caruso was also made deputy majority caucus chair–whatever the heck that means.

#2: Steve Fontana is out as the chair of the energy committee, replaced by Vicki Nardello. Fontana moves over to chairing the Insurance and Real Estate committee, which may be a bit more high-profile this session given the housing crunch.

There are plenty of other new chairs–you can see the list of them at Capitol Watch. You can read about some of the politics behind the appointments at CT News Junkie.

Take a look at the full list of House leadership positions and committee co-chairs here (Word documents):




4 responses to “Donovan Announces Leadership, Committee Chairs

  1. Wow did O’Connor get screwed…Jesus…Did he spend the last four years stopping over in Meriden to piss in the CD’s Wheaties? Yikes. Don’t cross that guy.

  2. Looks like Sayers is out as Public Health chair as well.

  3. [quote comment=”39207″]Wow did O’Connor get screwed…[/quote]

    I noticed the same thing. He didn’t get anything. Wow. Wonder what the story is.. he seemed like a good committee chair.

    Speaking of chairs… the original list that came out said that Caruso was Deputy Majority Caucus Chairs — the plural must have been fraudian slip.

  4. O’Connor? Isn’t that the guy just arrested for drunk driving… at 6 PM?

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