Bysiewicz: Voting Machines Accurate

SOTS Susan Bysiewicz today said that the initial results of an audit of voting machines show that the counts were by and large accurage:

As part of Connecticut’s audit law, believed to be the toughest in the United States, Secretary Bysiewicz randomly selected 84 polling precincts. Under state law, 10% of all precincts (833 used on November 4, 2008) used in the election are subject to an audit. Such audits consist of hand counts of all paper ballots for selected races and then a comparison of those results with the tally from the optical scan machines. Audits are conducted in public with representatives from all parties invited. As a part of this audit, the results of the races for President, Congress, State Senate, State Representative and Registrar of Voters (where applicable) were recounted by hand. Results will be analyzed by UCONN, made available to the public, and sent to the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

While the audits did uncover accurate machine counts on Election Day, there were discrepancies in isolated cases involving the hand-count audits for some ballots marked with votes for major party candidates who were cross endorsed by minor parties.

And, of course, a major error in Shelton occurred which could have thrown the results of the 4th district congressional race into doubt. It didn’t, of course, but the error was not the fault of the machines. Rather, it was the most difficult to correct problem–human error.


2 responses to “Bysiewicz: Voting Machines Accurate

  1. They can’t be accurate – The numbers don’t add up to the 90% turnout we were promised….

  2. It’s kind of amazing that there were human arithmetical errors in every race, in the number of voters voting, and even in the ballot questions where there were no cross endorsements of any kind… in every single precinct.

    But it says it in the newspaper, so I guess that’s that.

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