Any opinion on new features?

Updating our dinosaur version of WordPress to the new, shiny version means that we suddenly have a lot more flexibility when it comes to awesome plugins!

For instance, we have comment live preview enabled–if you look beneath the comment box you’ll see a tiny preview of your comment, which will appear as you type! It’s actually surprisingly cool.

There’s also a new quoting feature, which lets you quote any paragraph in a post or comment from the comment page by mousing over it and clicking. Try it out! The old quote feature was okay, but this is a little easier.

Plus this:
[poll id=”2″]

Let me know what you think!

…I’m sure something political happened today, but I’ve been too busy with site stuff to care.

5 responses to “Any opinion on new features?

  1. AndersonScooper

    Genghis, thanks for the site, the forum, and for all you do.

  2. Thanks for that, Scooper–I really appreciate it.

  3. AndersonScooper

    When is the CTLP dinner?

    Personally, I know what hard work it is to keep the site current. (and where the hell did Caffeinated Geek Girl go?)

    You, Christine Stuart, and Paul Bass could be but the beta versions of online discourse, but thank goodness! Even small public forums can bring tons and tons of accountability into the process. And God knows we need it when it comes to Statehouse politics.

    PS– Does everyone know that the Dodd family makes something like $500,000/year from Corporate director’s fees and stock options?

    (of course that income stream would never, ever keep Chris Dodd from reigning in the Credit Card companies and their Un-American, Un-Christian, usurious practices.)

  4. BruceRubenstein

    chris..its a nice improvement

  5. AndersonScooper

    Ack, the site no longers loads on a BlackBerry…

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