DelGobbo to DPUC

Rep. Kevin DelGobbo (R-Naugatuck) has been named by the governor to be a DPUC commissioner, according to Capitol Watch.

Said Rell on DelGobbo:

“As a lawmaker Kevin has spent more than a decade advocating on behalf of his constituents,” Governor Rell said. “He understands very well the constraints they face, especially when it comes to the costs of basics like heat and lights. His focus, like mine, will be on increasing our generating capacity and increasing our transmission capacity, while balancing the costs with the abilities of people to pay.”

That will set up a special election in Naugatuck sometime early next year. DelGobbo won’t resign, he just won’t be sworn in with the rest of the legislature in January.

Naugatuck is interesting politically–a conservative Democrat could win there–and we could see a close race.

7 responses to “DelGobbo to DPUC

  1. I think it is a good choice. I have known Kevin for almost a decade and know him to be a decent, respectable, thoughtful and all-around good guy.

    He has played his necessary role as a minority member, but people at the Capitol all know that Kevin is a person who not only can be reasoned with, but who you can expect to be reasonable and true to his values. He has the temperment, demeanor and respect to be able to work with both sides of the aisle as will be necessary in this new position.

  2. Kevin is one of the better thinkers in the GA particularly when it comes to the Budget. He’s a good choice for DPUC, but he’ll be missed during the upcoming budget debates.

  3. Is Representative Del Gobbo filling the ONLY vacancy on DPUC?

    There were rumors swirling a few weeks ago that Senator John Kissel was going to leave the Senate for a similiar position?

  4. Del Gobbo is a perfect choice as long as DPUC stands for Department for the Preservation of Utility Compensation. He is an all-round good legislator but he has a 100% rating in his support for NU.

    We can expect more of the same in CT’s energy policy.

  5. Delgabbo is extremely bright. He is never, ever in over his head. Indeed, in complicated policy discussions he often quickly emerges as the opinion-leader.

    He will coast through confirmation — not just because he’s a legislator — but because everyone at the capitol knows he’s a policy heavyweight.

    There were two vacancies. The other nominee is Amalia Vazquez Bzdyra.

  6. DelGobbo got a 59% in the 2008 Environmental Scorecard produced by the CT League of Conservation Voters. He got a 64% in 2007. DelGobbo voted against the 2008 bill on Global Warming (HB 5600). How will that record translate to the DPUC?

  7. DelGobbo voted against the 2008 bill on Global Warming (HB 5600). How will that record translate to the DPUC?

    Oh my goodness! Whenever I see footage of a poor polar bear drifting away on an ice pattie, I will curse Kevin DelGobbo and Connecticut for not doing more to end the farce of man-made climate change.

    By the way… balmy day out today.

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