Amann to Dominate the Airwaves this Sunday

Jim Amann is going to be on Face the State this Sunday talking about his gubernatorial bid.

He apparently believes that both Richard Blumenthal and Jodi Rell won’t run. Definitely worth watching, set your DVRs now.

Amann will also appear on The Real Story to discuss his time as Speaker. Susan Bysiewicz will appear to discuss changing CT law to allow for direct election of senators, and Dean Pagani will be on to talk about John Rowland giving advice to Rob “I’m innocent!” Blagojevich. [update: former Senate Democrats spokesman Patrick Scully also appears in this segment. Scully and Pagani debate John Rowland]

You can watch that episode on Fox61’s YouTube channel.


3 responses to “Amann to Dominate the Airwaves this Sunday

  1. Senator Lamont.

    President Mondale.

    Congresswoman Whitnum.

    Governor Amann.

    Ahh, the hilarious places history has never, nor will ever take us…

  2. AndersonScooper


    S.S. Sullivan

  3. AndersonScooper

    Simmons walks away…

    Very interesting. I wonder what he’ll do next.?

    Will he announce a run against a vulnerable Chris Dodd? That’s what I expect.

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