Metro North to Raise Fares, Cut Service

New York’s MTA has raised rates on the New Haven Line to help cover their massive budget deficit, and Connecticut’s DOT says that Connecticut commuters could soon feel the pinch.

Riders on Metro-North Railroad’s New Haven Line face possible fare hikes and service cuts since New York has boosted its ticket prices to close a $1.2 billion budget deficit, a state official told rail advocates Wednesday night.
Last month, the state Department of Transportation said it was mulling the elimination of four Metro-North New Haven Line trains and other possible reductions at the request of the financially strapped MTA.

Colonese said officials hope to cut those trains from the less busy off-peak and weekend schedules. (Cassidy)

New York’s critical budget crunch has led to some seriously strange proposals from that state’s government, including instituting a tax on soft drinks, iTunes downloads and cab fares. In addition to this, it’s obvious that they’re looking to Connecticut commuters to foot at least part of their bill, which is a difficult thing to ask during a financial crunch.

If we think we have it bad here, New York is going through much worse times. The financial meltdown has resulted in huge, sudden losses in revenue for that state. Connecticut feels a lot of the effects rippling out from lower Manhattan, but it’s New York that bears the brunt.

Obviously, what New York really needs right now is a Kennedy.

How will this end up affecting Connecticut commuters? It’s hard to say, but I’m sure there will at the very least be a fare increase.

Cassidy, Martin. “Metro-North fare hikes, service cuts loom.” Stamford Advocate 19 December, 2008.


3 responses to “Metro North to Raise Fares, Cut Service

  1. As someone who commutes everyday on MetroNorth, this is a bunch of BS. Not only is it already expensive (roughly $400 per month) but the train conditions are horrible and the service is often spotty and delayed. New York and the MTA are having problems – fine. But so is my wallet and MetroNorth is not worth the money I currently pay, let alone an increase!

  2. This is bullshit. With ridership up, fares should be going down.

    Luckily we have the clout of our hard-working, (and close to brilliant), Governor to go battle the powers that be in NY. Or maybe Senator Lieberman could pick up the phone and talk to his buddy Bloomberg.

  3. Cutting off peak trains?

    You know why people commute on the trains? Because they run like frigging clockwork. 25 minutes after every hour. Trains out of the city at 12:17 and 1:30 since further back than I can remember.

    You break that schedule, and you kill public transportation.

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