Simmons Leaving State Government

Rob Simmons has had enough. His position as state business advocate is gone, the victim of either Democratic cuts or Lisa Moody (depending on who you talk to), and despite the fact that there is still a position for him, Rob Simmons is out of state government.

Rob Simmons, the state’s first official business advocate, will leave the state government at the end of the month, when his once-standalone agency is subsumed by the Department of Economic and Community Development.

It’s hard to blame him. Chances are that whatever new position he’s going into wouldn’t survive if deep cuts in state government do end up being made…. and it seems that someone at the Capitol wants him gone.

So it’s off to something new. Simmons himself has yet to decide what he’s going to do, though he has plenty of options. There are plenty of Republicans who would like to see him run for something in 2010, like the U.S. Senate, or maybe another run at Congress. There’s always the possibility of a run for governor, too, if Jodi Rell decides that she’d rather move on (or even if she doesn’t).

What do you think?

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3 responses to “Simmons Leaving State Government

  1. Simmons didn’t spend the last two years speaking before every chamber of commerce who would have him for nothing. If he’s running for anything, its statewide – and lately he seems to have his sights set on the top office in Hartford more than a return trip to Washington.

  2. Probably a better time for a Republican to be in Hartford top spot than DC anywhere.

  3. Gov. Moody strikes again, She got what she wanted. Prediction is Moody will continue to eliminate every other high-profile Republican left in this state. She knows Rell’s legacy or what she’ll call a legacy will be quickly forgotten once a new Republican governor gets elected and actually accomplishes something.

    Defacto- if Rell doesn’t run she’ll secretly root for the Democrat to win

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