No January Special Session

It was never a great idea. The Stamford Advocate reports that Democrats have decided not to hold a special session just a week before the regular session begins, as Gov. Rell had requested.


2 responses to “No January Special Session

  1. I see Bernie Madoff contributed to Chris keeps getting better!!!

  2. I also hear that the House Democrats are letting certain employees go and demoting others. That’s kind of weird considering that the incoming speaker is a pro workers rights politicain. My goodness if this kind of stuff happened in a business he along with Dave McCluskey would be calling for a boycott or an investigation into the hiring practice of that business. It’s so funny, or should I say sad, to see Democrats like these two (along with Edith Prague) talk about how much they care about workers but the first opportunity they have when they are in charge is to treat people like dirt. Nice job Mr. Speaker! Can’t wait to see those leadership skills when there is no budget by the end of session!!!

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