Light Posting Week Open Forum

Apart from the year in review post and my predictions (and yours) for the upcoming year, due tomorrow, this is a very light posting week. Regular posting will resume next week, but here’s what’s going on.

Jim Himes is setting up his staff, including Jason Cole, who used to work for Kansas Rep. Dennis Moore, as chief of staff. Not mentioned in the article is that Cole has been, according to this, a lobbyist for UBS for the past two years or so. Hm.

Buyers for the Herald and Bristol Press may have been found. Maybe.

The CRRA landfill in Hartford officially closes tomorrow.

No special session on Friday. Take a look, however, at legislation going into effect on January 1.

What else is going on?

2 responses to “Light Posting Week Open Forum

  1. Jason Cole is a good guy — he’s got a serious background on the Hill, as well as a background in the Connecticut financial services industry. Seems like a solid fit for a freshman congressman from the gold coast.

  2. AndersonScooper

    Was Jason Cole really chief of staff for Dennis Moore?

    And of course the centrist Jim Himes picks someone from the Banking Industry to lead his staff….

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