Two Seek DelGobbo Seat

Rep. Kevin DelGobbo (R-Naugatuck) is being appointed to the DPUC, and will leave his seat vacant when the new legislature is sworn in. That means a special election will be held soon for the seat DelGobbo has held for twelve years. Two candidates have already emerged, according to the Republican-American: Former borough (Naugatuck refers to itself as a “borough” instead of a town, just to be different) attorney Kevin McSherry (D), and Board of Finance member Rosa Rebimbas (R).

Look for the special election to happen sometime in late February. It must be held within 45 days of the seat becoming vacant, meaning that it probably won’t coincide with any town primaries Naugatuck may be holding this year.


2 responses to “Two Seek DelGobbo Seat

  1. primusinterpares

    For those interested, boroughs and towns are actually different entities. Boroughs are self-governing units within towns, similar to borough government in New York City. There are nine boroughs in Connecticut and it usually comprises a small portion of a town. The reason Naugatuck is called a borough is because the borough government was consolidated as the government for the whole town in the late 1800’s. Larger scale examples of this would be the cities of Baltimore, MD and Alexandria, VA where the city government is also the government of the county.

  2. But what’s the definition of a borough, and why do we have them?

    Especially when they comprise the entire town in the case of Naugatuck.

    I’ve looked at the relevant state statutes about this in the past and never found an answer.

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