More Good News for Rail

Rick Green reports that the only real obstacle to putting more trains on the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield line is a deal with Amtrak, who is currently the owner of the tracks.

Another sign that we’re finally picking up some momentum on rail is this:

During Monday’s hearing at the capitol, some legislators questioned why the state was moving forward with the $500 million “busway” between New Britain and Hartford when support for rail travel is building.

As I’ve said before, that rail line in Newington and New Britain is already there. They’d have to tear it up to put the busway in. Plus, that line connects with Plainville and Waterbury, which could mean another connection to Metro North from Hartford someday.

I’m very happy to see so much discussion about rail. Here’s hoping something good comes out of it.


2 responses to “More Good News for Rail

  1. wtfdnucsailor

    There is bad rail news in SE CT. Last Friday CONN COT representatives informed SE CT that the extension of Shore Line East to New London would be delayed to 2010 because of AMTRAK track maintenance that will take place in 2009. This came as a complete surprise to local officials who had been told in December that the Shore Line East extension would take place in Spring of 2009.

  2. I hope CT will have a few new commuter rail lines in the next 5 to 8 years. I’d love to see Commuter service from New Haven north and a new hub (for commuters) in Hartford.
    In Hartford, I’d love to see commuter trains going to/from Middletown (and maybe Old Saybrook), Willimantic, Hazzardville/East Longmeadow (the Armory line), Simsbury (CENZ line), and Waterbury (PAR line) .

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